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Ad Network Mediation

MoPub’s mediation features leverage our ad serving technology to allow you to allocate the right inventory to the right ad network, optimizing your revenue. We support the largest networks in mobile through server-side or SDK integrations. Powerful integrated network reporting shows you all of your revenue statistics and performance in a single dashboard.     Learn more below:

Supported Networks

For the complete list of supported mediation partners, ad formats, and version compatibility, please visit our Supported Networks Page.

Connect to the demand that matters

Optimizing your backfill in mobile involves working with multiple partners. MoPub has full support for the top ad networks globally, and we are constantly adding new partners.

No Fees

MoPub does not charge a share of your network revenue, and you remain first-party on your current commercial terms.

Simple Prioritization

MoPub makes it easy to run multiple network partners, increasing your fill. Use targeting and CPMs to customize the ordering based on geography or other parameters. Custom SDK events allow you to work with partners that are not currently integrated into the platform.