Ad Serving

The MoPub ad serving platform was built specifically for the needs of today’s mobile app publisher. MoPub’s best of breed ad server supports all of the major campaign management, budgeting and targeting features you need to grow your business. Learn more below:

Campaign Management

  • Full order and line item hierarchy with integer priority levels
  • Easy to use trafficking interface
  • Third-party pixel tracking support
  • Real-time impression, click and conversion reporting to detect delivery problems
  • Schedule campaigns by date range ahead of time
  • Integrated conversion tracking
  • Multiple line item types: direct-sold ads, cross promotions, Marketplace and ad networks


  • Image, text and tile and HTML creative types
  • Banner, full screen interstitial, native, and custom formats
  • MRAID 1.0 and 2.0 Support for certified vendors

Get more information on our available ad formats here .


  • Real-time budgeting system can deliver all at once or evenly
  • Delivers above pace automatically to prevent underdelivery
  • Pacing indicators to track if campaigns are not delivering properly
  • Budget by impressions (CPM), clicks (CPC) or conversions (CPA)
  • Track conversions of new app installs or in-app purchases
  • Discrepancy monitoring and resolution with pixel tracking


  • Multiple frequency caps by impressions, clicks and conversions
  • User segments by percentage of devices or percentage of traffic
  • Keywords, with boolean logical operators
  • Device and platform
  • Geographic location (city, country, DMA, zipcode and more)
  • Carrier and IP


  • Report requests, impressions, clicks and conversions in real time on dashboard and offline for aggregated reports
  • Generate offline reports for all of your campaigns
  • Schedule reports for automatic generation and email notification
  • Report on a wide variety of dimensions, including campaign, app, device and more

Get more information on the MoPub Dashboard here .

Fully hosted ad serving platform

  • Built on Tier I infrastructure for 99.9%+ server uptime
  • Service and support team available for Premier accounts
Updated: January 2015