Welcome, Kevin Weatherman / Hello NYC

Tuesday, May 17, 2011
By: Jim Payne

Last week we brought on a new team member, Kevin Weatherman, who has joined our BD team on the east coast in New York City. Personally I am from the east coast and love NYC so couldn’t be happier to start our MoPub presence back east on such a good note.

In his own words:

My name is Kevin Weatherman, I was born in SF and grew up in SD, went to college at Cal (go bears). After college got a job at Bauer’s limo and helped land the Google shuttle contract, and after that decided to get into online advertising. Started as employee #15 at adbrite selling to publishers and loved the startup culture! After a few years there I noticed that publishers were having a hard time managing ad networks and that is when I can across PubMatic. I was employee #2 in the US and the 1st doing sales. In Dec 2009 I was asked to move from SF (commuting to Palo Alto) to the new pubmatic NYC office. I have been in NYC for almost a year and a half now and really love it. In the last year my focus is on top 150 pubs, but prior to that it was all pubs. I truly like to work with publishers to help them solve issues and build real value for their company. I look forward to more of the same with mopub ????

Kevin will be working out of our new presence in Union Sq:

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Welcome Kevin to the team!

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