Welcome Kate Herbert!

Monday, February 25, 2013
By: Kevin Weatherman

Kate_192 (1)

We’d like to introduce you to Kate Herbert who has joined MoPub as our Director of Client Services. In this role, Kate will be leading our publisher relations support team and technical account management organization.
We have grown exponentially this year: reaching 300 million uniques & serving 1.5 billion ads a day ! In turn, we’ve seen our client base continually grow as well. Knowing this, we are extremely excited to announce this very important hire to both the MoPub team and, more critically, our customers.

Kate is an eleven-year Google veteran with a well-rounded media and technology background and the proven ability to launch, organize, and re-organize multi-level, complex organizations. Throughout her tenure at Google, she’s managed teams in Europe, Asia and North and South America. In addition, she managed the successful launch of the DoubleClick Ad Exchange around the world. Harnessing the development of early stage business and growth of high performing teams is Kate’s niche and passion, which is what makes her a perfect fit for MoPub. She was instrumental in the remarkable global growth of the DoubleClick Ad Exchange over the last 4 years, taking the business from the startup stage to it’s current $1B run rate. Prior to AdX, Kate led the North American Solutions Consulting Team for DoubleClick’s platform business, onboarding key publishers onto DFP, now the market leader in the space.

Her invaluable experience building and expanding the Doubleclick Ad Exchange internationally will help us continue to both enhance the best client services offering in mobile and drive revenue for our partners. We are incredibly excited to have her on board. If you have any questions or would like to send her a note, please do so at kate@www.mopub.com .

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