MoPub Analytics: Fast, intuitive, and visual access to your data

Wednesday, February 06, 2019
By: Michal Jacobsberg-Reiss

At MoPub, we know that analytics and reporting are a crucial component of how our mobile app publisher and demand partner clients run their businesses. Today we’re excited to announce that we’re launching a new analytics solution: MoPub Analytics. It’s fast, offers a wide range of visualizations, and is built with an intuitive user experience in mind. This new solution provides our clients with a number of new capabilities beyond what they've had access to in the past, while at the same time ensuring that they can continue running their core reporting use cases.

New benefits provided by MoPub Analytics include:

  • Faster analysis: We’ve optimized for speed and performance in the way we are processing and storing data in MoPub Analytics, making it much faster for you to access information, conduct analysis, and view results.

  • More visualizations: You will be able to go beyond the line graph and leverage a number of new tools to analyze your data. Choose from a bar chart, area stack, heatmap, treemap, geo graph, and much more to visualize your data and make informed decisions more effectively.

  • Intuitive experience: We’re making it easier to run a number of use cases more intuitively, increasing your efficiency. For example, you will be able to switch between pivoting tables and exploring data in the same view without the need to click to a different page.

This is only the beginning. Future plans include leveraging our analytics engine and machine learning algorithms to surface insights across our platform. This will enable our clients to uncover unique tidbits about their businesses as well as the industry and take action in a few clicks directly from within the UI.

Learn about how you can get the most out of MoPub Analytics at MoPub Analytics for Publishers.

And learn how you can Understand the health of your ad business at a glance with MoPub’s publisher UI dashboard.

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