Mobile Ads Marketplace Report Reveals Advertiser Demand

MoPub’s Mobile Advertising: Marketplace Report Reveals Recent Trends in Advertiser Demand for Mobile Impressions

New report highlights industry trends in ad impression prices and volume for smartphone app publishers across ten variables

SAN FRANCISCO – August 16, 2012 – Today MoPub, the world’s leading ad server for smartphone app publishers, is releasing a comprehensive report showcasing recent trends in advertiser demand for smartphone ad inventory. The Mobile Advertising: Marketplace Report is the first industry report from a pure-play mobile advertising server, covering month-over-month data across a dozen factors that dictate revenue for mobile application publishers.

The report is based on data from MoPub Marketplace, the company’s real-time bidding exchange that connects app publishers with ad buyers in a real-time market. The Mobile Advertising: Marketplace Report highlights overall trends in competitiveness for mobile ad supply through four key indices: eCPM, Share of Auction Volume, Win Rate (percent of auctions with winning bids), and Bid Depth (buyer bids per impression request). These indices, in particular Share of Auction Volume, may serve as leading indicators of future price movements.

Overall, advertiser demand for mobile impressions through real-time bidding continues to rise. With both market growth and seasonal patterns beginning to pervade, demand from advertisers and demand side platforms for mobile ad supply has risen from 18% to 37% from January to June. Competitiveness, as reflected by Bid Depth, has also climbed with a 300% increase over the same period.

Highlights from the Q2 Mobile Advertising: Marketplace Report include:

  • Operating System: iOS continues to maintain a healthy price premium over Android of 86%, with a difference of 37 cents in eCPM over Android. However, Android has gained share in Auction Volume from 28% to 39% from April to June, indicating possible future price increases
  • Devices: iPad full-screen landscape ads (1024×768) show the greatest increase in price, finishing at eCPMs of $4.47, up from $3.61 in April
  • Categories: Social networking demonstrates the most pointed growth in Auction Volume. Music and lifestyle apps also showed steady demand growth through Q2, and demonstrated eCPMs of 78 and 79 cents, respectively. Business apps yield the greatest eCPM at 84 cents
  • Geographical: Italy and Korea demonstrate big drops in popularity, while the U.S. remains strong. Spain, Australia, and Canada demonstrate the highest eCPMs
  • Ad Formats: Banner ads, popular among brands and performance advertisers, continue to dominate, with 86% of Auction Volume. Horizontal full screen interstitials, popular in gaming apps, declined in Auction Volume along with gaming volume impression
  • Unique Device Identifier (“UDID”): While impressions with UDID still command a premium over those without the identifier, eCPMs have started to equilibrate at $0.66 and $0.60 respectively versus $0.81 and $0.55 in April
  • Keyword Segmentation: Increases in overall Auction Volume with location information rose by 154% and those with gender data rose by 127% month-over-month, providing examples of valuable keyword data being passed from app publishers to advertisers

The Mobile Advertising: Marketplace Report provides market data from real-time auctions for mobile ad impressions, aggregated from smartphone applications, advertisers and demand side platforms on MoPub Marketplace, MoPub’s mobile ad exchange.

The data reflected here is solely representative of exchange-traded media on MoPub Marketplace and does not include any ad network or ad network mediation data. MoPub does not sell advertising and does not buy inventory. MoPub Marketplace suppliers are smartphone application publishers from the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

The data is representative of 15 billion monthly ad impressions across two-dozen verticals and is aggregated to provide mobile app publishers, advertisers, demand side platforms and industry analysts with market trends and revenue data for their businesses.

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MoPub is the world’s leading ad server for smartphone application publishers, designed to drive more ad revenue through a single solution. We offer the first comprehensive monetization platform for mobile app publishers that combines real-time bidding, ad serving, cross-promotional capabilities and ad network mediation into one, easy-to-use platform. As a pioneer in real-time bidding for mobile, we built the first transparent market that enables advertisers and other demand side buyers to access billions of ad impressions with hyper-targeted data from app publishers. Through MoPub’s open-source, flexible SDK, users get complete control and transparency into how much revenue they are receiving from every ad or campaign.

MoPub was founded in 2010 by an experienced mobile advertising technology team and has raised over $6.5 million in venture capital from Accel Partners and Harrison Metal Capital. MoPub is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in New York City and is actively hiring. For more information, please visit and follow MoPub on Twitter at

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Updated: July 2019