iOS 11 and Android Oreo compatibility

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 | by: Calvin Yeung

Concerned about new operating system releases? Good news: The recently released MoPub SDK (v4.16 on iOS and v4.16.1 on Android) is fully compatible with the latest iOS 11 and Android Oreo. read more

Timehop adds revenue stream with MoPub rewarded video

Tuesday, September 19, 2017 | by: Natalie Breitbach

In order to keep the app free for users, Timehop uses ads to monetize. They recently integrated rewarded video ads through MoPub with the goal of increasing ads revenue while also providing a positive user experience. Learn more in this new case study. read more

Norikae Annai finds success with MoPub’s flexible, full-platform monetization solution

Monday, September 18, 2017 | by: Natalie Breitbach

Popular Japanese app Norikae Annai found success using MoPub’s flexible, full-platform monetization solution — including 20-40% higher eCPMs. Case study available in English, Japanese, and Korean. read more

Monetization tips for utility app publishers

Tuesday, September 05, 2017 | by: Rémy Cottin

Monetization for utility app publishers comes with unique challenges. Unlike many other verticals, utility app users come with a specific intention to complete what is most likely a singular task or action. Users are not looking for progression as they would in games, or to consume content as they would in news or social apps. While frequency and retention may be high for utility apps, session lengths are often short so it’s important to be thoughtful about monetization. To help utility app publishers grow their ad revenue, we’ve compiled best practices and recommendations based on formats and strategies that we’ve found to be the most successful. read more

Announcing viewability measurement on MoPub

Thursday, August 31, 2017 | by: Meridith Miller

Today, we’re excited to announce the global launch of the MoPub SDK with viewability support from Integral Ad Science (IAS) and Moat, two of the leading independent measurement providers. With this release, any publisher who updates to our latest SDK will now be able to offer buyers in-app inventory that’s measurable for viewability (as well as any of the other metrics that IAS and Moat offer). read more

Building sustainable mobile revenue: Insights from SEGA at Casual Connect USA

Tuesday, August 29, 2017 | by: Natalie Breitbach

SEGA CMO Mike Evans joined MoPub’s Anand Ramesh (Head of Publisher Partnerships, Americas) to discuss how mobile publishers can build sustainable revenue models at Casual Connect USA. Every publisher who’s building a gaming app has the opportunity to tap into the huge advertising budgets flowing into mobile games — but of course, not everyone will earn the same piece of the pie. What should app publishers focus on to build revenue that can sustain and grow their businesses? read more

Succeed with rewarded video, part 4: Best practices for buyers

Wednesday, August 23, 2017 | by: Tarika Soni

For buyers, the non-skippable nature of rewarded video ads means more time in front of the user and greater flexibility to deliver their message, while the “opt-in” nature of these ads lends to a positive consumer experience. To best take advantage of this format and optimize your rewarded video campaigns, here are three key best practices. read more

Succeed with rewarded video, part 3: Technical implementation best practices

Thursday, August 17, 2017 | by: Jackelyn Cooper

Once you’ve identified the rewarded video placements that work best for your mobile app, be sure that you’re setting yourself up for success from a technical perspective. A healthy rewarded video integration is key to driving the most impressions per unique user and maximizing your total revenue. When designing and integrating your rewarded video placement, we suggest keeping these best practices in mind. read more

Rewarded video ads drive performance for social casino advertiser

Wednesday, August 09, 2017 | by: Tarika Soni

Aarki, a DSP focused on mobile app marketing, worked with a social casino app advertiser looking to achieve a positive ROI through a lower CPI (cost per install) at scale. Aarki found that the engaging, user-friendly nature of rewarded video ads enabled them to drive success for these key objectives and meet the advertiser’s ROI goal. read more

Succeed with rewarded video, part 2: Rewarded video in non-gaming apps

Tuesday, August 08, 2017 | by: Julia Martin

While gaming apps have been the quickest to embrace rewarded video, these ads can actually be a great monetization option for apps in almost any vertical. Many leading gaming publishers have turned to rewarded video ads as a successful option for monetizing their apps while maintaining — and even enhancing — a great experience for their app users. Mobile app publishers in other verticals who don’t consider rewarded video ads for monetization may be missing out on a major opportunity. read more

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