Email template

To kick things off, simply copy/paste the email template below and add in your information.

Hi [Publisher],

I hope you're doing well. I wanted to reach out as we're part of MoPub's Deal Connect program and are interested in setting up a PMP deal. I've cc'd our rep from MoPub, [name of MoPub rep], along with [anyone else from your team].

Below, I've provided some details to help kick things off:
Advertiser: [i.e. 320x480]
Ad Size: [i.e. 320x480]
Creative Type: [i.e MRAID, Playable]
Publisher Apps: [i.e. 5-0 Radio Police Scanner]
Budget: [i.e.$100k]
Flight Dates: [i.e. 12/1-12/31]
CPM (gross): [i.e. $7.75]
If there is more than one app then:
[app name], [OS], [ad size]: [cpm]
Campaign goals: [i.e. high CTR from first look]
Targeting: [i.e. US, UK, CA]

Please provide feedback when you have a moment. We've already had some great success  with Deal Connect so far (getting deals live within 2 business days). Looking forward to moving ahead!


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