MoPub Demand Updates, September 2016

[article title="Spotlight: Krish Sailam, Director of Product Management – Mobile, ATV, Video at Cadreon" image="" anchor="spotlight"] In this edition of our partner spotlight, we heard from Cadreon's Krish Sailam about 2017 trends, current misconceptions, a recent success story, and more.  MoPub: What trends do you see in mobile programmatic right now?

KS: 2015 and 2016 were great for mobile programmatic since the vast majority of advertisers unlocked mobile budgets, mostly because of some amazing advancements in cross device attribution. The big trends we are looking at for 2017 are the following:

  • Location. We hope to see a much higher density of location signals from the exchanges and, more importantly, high quality location signals. This will enable much more intricate location bidding strategies and hopefully start to fuel real-time optimization based on footfall.
  • Shorter video. We are looking forward to brands adopting the shorter video spots, below 15 seconds, so that we can get in front of the 18-24 demographic for our key brands.
  • Cross device optimization. Mobile programmatic will see a lot of revenue unlocked by the DSPs that are able to do automatic cross device optimization. This will allow budgets to flow to the places where the performance is best automatically, instead of at a rigid planning phase.
  • More audio. Mobile is a great way to consume digital radio, streaming audio, and podcasts. We hope to see more DSPs and publishers enable programmatic access to their audio based inventory.
  • More native. I believe we are going to continue to see a massive new array of ad units which will be immersive experiences and provide many upper funnel metrics within the unit itself. The concept of a mobile landing page is being de-constructed with all the new units and technologies like bots.
  • Tablet traffic staying flat or declining. Our tablets at home are collecting dust, and I suspect many other homes are seeing the same thing. There is virtually no innovation in this market and I suspect many OEMs will continue to consolidate around their phone offerings, further reducing inventory for tablets.  
  • Brand app install campaigns. Brands are starting to get hungry for more app installs and we expect this to expand rapidly in 2017.

MoPub: What would you say is the biggest misconception in the market right now?

KS: There are many misconceptions in mobile, but my feeling is that we spend too much time debunking mobile tracking and attribution myths.

MoPub: What are the biggest challenges facing your business today? 

KS: The industry changes incredibly quickly. There is a constant demand for education both with clients and with internal teams to ensure everyone is up to speed.

MoPub: Give us a prediction - what will we be talking about in the next six to 12 months?

KS: I think we’ll see traditional TV money increasingly spread to other platforms, including mobile.

MoPub: Can you share a recent success story?

KS: Our “Driving Moments That Matter” campaign with BMW showed the power of combining geo-targeting with mobile to increase foot traffic to dealerships. By directing campaign messaging to specifically targeted luxury auto intended buyers as they were in proximity of a dealership, we saw 112.8% lift in dealership visits.

MoPub: We’re curious - what’s your favorite MoPub product?

KS: MoPub has a lot of great products, but personally I think their best product is their team. They are great about surfacing new features of their exchange, like the new viewability features within the SDK. They act as phenomenal market makers on behalf of the publishers, always offering professionalism and a treasure trove of information. If I were a publisher, knowing who was selling on my behalf would be a large reason as to why I go with their SDK.

MoPub: What’s one thing you wish you could tell mobile app publishers?

KS: Be open with your audience stats, enable location data, and utilize private marketplaces (PMPs). Brands love mobile, but with so many publishers in the market, they have to redefine the concept of a “premium publisher.” Stick with a high quality exchange, even for programmatic and automated setups, and always know and trust the people you work with.

MoPub: Final question. What's your biggest personal goal for next year?

KS: My biggest goal for 2017 is to be more responsive to the people that matter most to my work and life. From Cadreon: Cadreon is IPG Mediabrands’ Ad Tech unit, responsible for developing best-in-class programmatic technology solutions. In a widely disparate technology landscape, we leverage best-in-class technology to deliver the most comprehensive, highest-performing programmatic solutions on the market. We provide extensive expertise for some of the best and brightest brands across our IPG Mediabrands agency partner landscape. Headquartered in San Francisco, Cadreon operates in 68 markets worldwide. [/article]

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  Updated: September 2016