MoPub is being integrated into AppLovin’s MAX to create a robust, unified platform.

MoPub has been acquired by AppLovin and MoPub’s core features have been rolled into AppLovin’s leading monetization solution, MAX.

MoPub’s servers supporting publisher traffic, MoPub MPX, publisher dashboard and DSP dashboard will sunset on March 31, 2022. MoPub analytics and GDPR Withdrawal-of-Consent API will be available until April 8, 2022. 

MoPub + AppLovin create one of the most powerful and efficient solutions available today

We know that your business relies on many of the features that MoPub Mediation and MarketPlace solutions provide, and MoPub values your partnership. We chose AppLovin because we believe that they are:

Some of these new features available to you include:

  • Universal Creative Reporting
  • Ad Review Banner Support
  • Native Ad Format Support
  • Built-In GDPR Consent Flow
  • and many more

Check out the current feature list

Key migration dates

Our two teams have been working hard to make sure this transition is as seamless and easy as possible for you and your business as you migrate to MAX.

You’re in more than good hands with AppLovin MAX

We feel certain you’re not only in good hands, but by moving to AppLovin’s MAX, you will benefit from a platform with the goal of being at the center of the largest and most robust digital advertising ecosystems in the world.

Important Resources

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Migration Made Easy

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New Features

Check out MAX’s new features and how they can help grow your business.

Need support?

Get in touch with AppLovin and so we can help make your transition seamless.