10 tips for a healthy MoPub waterfall

November 26, 2019

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1. Always let Marketplace compete

Marketplace is powerful because it competes with every line item within the same priority, and the highest eCPM wins. The competition provided by Marketplace raises eCPMs overall. For Marketplace to be maximally effective, set your Marketplace price floors equal to or slightly lower than the lowest-paying network in an active priority.

2. Use Auto CPM

Your network CPM should always reflect the actual eCPM you’re getting from the network. Making sure it is accurate is vital to the health of your waterfall. Auto CPM automates your waterfall optimizations in an easy, “set it and forget it” way. Once enabled, your networks’ eCPMs will be updated daily and will ensure that your waterfall is optimizing toward the highest-paying partner.

To enable Auto CPM, first go to the Networks tab, click on the network name, and in the Network settings submenu, enable Reporting Access, enter your Network Account Credentials, and click Save.

Then, in the Auto CPM preferences submenu, toggle Enable Auto CPM updating to Enabled, and specify your desired inventory.

3. Consolidate your waterfall

Use MoPub’s unrivaled flexibility to fine-tune your demand setup to maximize performance. In most cases, our recommendation is to keep things simple. Start with a single, unified Priority for an ad unit’s waterfall; the network eCPM will rank your partners automatically according to price (highest to lowest). When everyone sits together in one priority, the result is greater competition and higher overall CPMs.

Manage your waterfall in the Apps tab’s Ad Unit Details page. Set a single Priority across your waterfall to order your ad sources by CPM.

4. Use supported network connections

Always be sure to use the supported instances for all certified networks. This provides easier troubleshooting and offers access to features such as network reporting, which is required for Auto CPM. Learn how to migrate from a custom instance here.

(You can see which of your networks are supported in your Networks tab: a supported instance of a network is marked with a blue “verified” check mark next to it.)

5. Avoid network JS tags

Network tags are not optimized for in-app serving and are prone to rendering and failover issues. They are also known to add significant latency to your waterfall. For these reasons, they are not recommended, and MoPub will not provide technical support. If you do use network JS tags, please follow these best practices.

6. Use clear naming conventions

As you expand your monetization strategy with MoPub, an easily understood naming convention for your orders and line items is key to operational efficiency. The exact format will always be your choice, but common components to a successful line item name include the network name, ad unit, and geo targeting information (if applicable); for example, Markeplace_Banner_USA.

7. Keep SDKs and adapters updated

Always update to the latest SDK version and network adapters; this ensures that you are taking advantage of our latest products and any fixes that we release. You can grab them here.

8. Use networks with demand in your top geos

To maximize fill, we recommend working with three to five networks that have strong demand in your top countries, and include Marketplace to compete and drive the highest price for every ad impression. Learn more about supported networks here. Keep in mind that each network adds latency, so ensure that a network’s ROI is worth the latency cost.

9. Use account-level blocking for Marketplace

Should you encounter a situation where you need to set blocks, we’ve given you the ability to block specific ad categories, creative IDs, and advertisers across all apps with just a few clicks. Using content blocking will ensure that all instances of Marketplace adhere to your required blocks. We recommend that, prior to placing any blocks, your reach out to your MoPub team for potential revenue impact.

Access the account-wide content blocking options by clicking under your username in the top right corner and selecting Content blocking from the menu.

10. Geo-target demand through line items

Every country has a unique set of users, and performance can vary greatly from region to region. To leverage this, use MoPub’s geo targeting feature when setting up your line items. To start, we recommend targeting globally. However, if eCPM performance in one region is outpacing others, you can geo target your line items to maximize that revenue.

Set geo targeting options by navigating to the Orders tab, clicking on an order, and then editing a line item.

For a personalized audit of your account, please contact your account team or email MoPub Publisher Support, and we’ll be happy to assist.

Looking for more? For technical information, be sure to visit our Publisher Documentation

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