MoPub Welcomes Elain Szu

August 17, 2011

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Bryan Atwood
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We're happy to have Elain Szu join the MoPub team. Elain is our Director of Product Marketing and is heading up our external marketing and PR efforts, starting with our web site and blog presence, planning our attendance at events, and working on our long-tail strategy. A little bit on Elain's background:

Elain got her valley startup street cred in consumer marketing and product management roles at Eventbrite and Trulia, where she led the email product and did cool stuff with user engagement and retention. Prior to Trulia, she was a management consultant in the tech and aviation/aerospace industries, where she learned how to build fancy excel models, pitch to clients and get free flight upgrades. She's a big fan of data-driven customer strategies, creative user acquisition, and random ways to be more efficient. Elain has a BA in Economics from Stanford and an MBA from Kellogg, where she studied marketing, finance and international escapades. Elain grew up in maryland with two older brothers (which might why she prefers Legos and Super NES to doll houses).

Welcome to the team, Elain!

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