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December 06, 2011

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Jim Payne
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MoPub has always been about providing publishers with a scalable, platform-based approach to mobile advertising. We’ve been working with gaming publishers since the early days of the platform. From fundamental platform features like interstitial ad units and conversion tracking to our newly launched Unity3D plugin, we have been listening to and building product for these innovative and increasingly large and sophisticated publishers. And it’s no secret that mobile games make up some of the most popular apps on iPhones and Android devices today and a preponderance of time spent. That makes gaming one of the most lucrative categories of inventory for publishers. And with gaming publishers pushing the frontier of what’s possible with mobile technology, it comes as no surprise that they are also well-positioned to adopt the most comprehensive monetization products and strategies available to them. That’s why it is particularly exciting for us to announce a major partnership with one of the original pioneers of the mobile gaming industry, ngmoco:). It is not surprising that such a talented group of product innovators and engineers would be still driving innovation in the mobile gaming world with their Mobage platform, a cross-platform set of tools for gaming publishers to tie in social, currency and other features simply and easily. It is the first step towards a Facebook system of distribution and sharing in mobile gaming. Our partnership with ngmoco integrates our MoPub code directly into the Mobage platform, so ngmoco and their publisher partners can easily manage their inventory through the MoPub system. It will enable game publishers of all sizes to sell direct-sold advertising, manage ad networks and monetize through real-time bidded MoPub Marketplace with just a few API calls. If you are an ngmoco partner, or if you are considering developing for the Mobage Platform, please let us know what we can do to make your ads monetization experience better. You can take the Javascript API for a spin at the Mobage Platform website at developer.mobage.com.

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