A summary of supply quality trends in mobile programmatic

July 14, 2016

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Elain Szu
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In our recent whitepaper series on the state of supply quality, we investigated three particularly salient topics to marketers today: fraud, viewability, and ad blocking . While these issues aren’t new to digital advertising, they are a new issue for mobile — particularly because they manifest in mobile differently than other digital advertising supply sources.

All three of these issues are complex problems that won’t be resolved overnight, however, key players in the industry have risen to the challenge and are investing in standards, products, and solutions to address them. This vigilance will be especially critical for publishers, advertisers and users alike to thrive in our constantly expanding and changing mobile ecosystem.

Below is a summary of supply quality trends we addressed in our State of Supply Quality in Mobile Programmatic whitepaper:


  • Fraud is a recent issue in mobile that aims to exploit significant and growing revenue opportunities like mobile in-app advertising. It undermines the ability of marketers to reach real audiences and dilutes the revenue opportunity for high quality inventory that premium publishers create.
  • Improving tools and transparency to detect fraud before it happens have become  the focus of companies like Forensiq, White Ops, and Moat. However, as a continuously evolving challenge, the entire programmatic ecosystem needs to partner to ensure vigilance and counter this threat to supply quality.


  • Ensuring viewable ads is a more recent challenge in mobile in-app advertising and critical to its growth for both marketers and publishers. Without strong standards, measurement, and scalable technologies, marketers are limited in their ability to deliver effective campaigns and publishers can lose major revenue sources.
  • In general, advertisers can be more confident in greater viewability for mobile app inventory compared to mobile web supply, due to the nature of in-app ad formats which are often either sticky to the bottom of the screen or fullscreen.
  • Mobile viewability guidelines are still nascent, but industry players including MoPub are working together to support the MRC’s development of standards. Widespread adoption of viewability technology by publishers is critical to scaling viewability standards across the whole ecosystem.

Ad Blocking

  • Ad blocking has emerged recently as a risk to both publishers and marketers by presenting a challenge to publishers who rely on advertising revenue in order to make their content freely accessible to consumers. Ad blocking has primarily emerged in the mobile web medium due to the poor user experience for consumers consuming ad-heavy content in mobile web browsers.
  • While not currently a significant threat in mobile apps due to the lighter weight delivery of ads, smoother user experience, and standardized ad formats, publishers and advertisers are closely watching the evolution of ad blocking technology.
  • The future of ad blocking may very well be guided forward by the IAB’s LEAN principles around improving mobile advertising, particularly for mobile web, by diminishing the negative user experience caused by bloated ad file sizes.

MoPub aims to continue driving broad awareness, collaboration, and upleveled industry knowledge about these challenges to high quality supply. In addition to helping to establish standards for our publishers, our DSPs, and their clients by partnering with industry leaders like Forensiq , we’re working closely with the MRC to help develop guidelines for the ecosystem and investigating technology solutions that work for our publishers and DSP partners.

Find out more about these key supply quality issues in the whitepaper.



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