Advanced Bidding hits important milestones: Exciting updates from Vungle and Tapjoy

December 15, 2020

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MoPub is excited to share some important Advanced Bidding updates: Tapjoy is now available to all full-platform MoPub publishers, and the addition of Vungle to the demand sources supported by our in-app bidding solution. These important milestones are critical in our mission to move the mobile advertising ecosystem more holistically towards programmatic buying and providing impactful benefits to all parties involved.

The adoption of in-app bidding has made tremendous gains so far in 2020. The mediation traffic that runs through Advanced Bidding has increased by 52 times1 compared to a year ago and we expect this to continue to increase as more app publishers embrace in-bidding across the programmatic ecosystem. This is largely due to the benefits publishers are seeing over traditional waterfalls, which can include increased ARPDAU, increased operational efficiency, and lowered latency. To help maximize ARPDAU, we recommend that publishers operate with maximum bid density to increase competition - in other words, integrate multiple high-quality bidding networks into their unified auctions. 

That's why the availability of Tapjoy to all publishers and the addition of Vungle to Advanced Bidding in beta2 are such important steps in helping publishers reap the full benefits of in-app bidding. In addition to the other 3 networks that are live with Advanced Bidding currently, plus the 130+ DSPs live on MoPub Marketplace (including the Twitter Audience Platform), publishers using MoPub can now access more demand from two of the industry's premier networks to maximize ad revenue through Advanced Bidding.

Advanced Bidding has helped us to experience consistent growth. As we head into 2021 and beyond, we’re excited to see how the industry continues to benefit from the paradigm shift from traditional waterfall setups to real-time bidding.

Dan McAdams, Senior Director Developer Relations, Tapjoy

We’re very optimistic about the proliferation of in-app bidding and believe Vungle’s participation will drive the market forward in a meaningful way. Vungle is excited to bring our differentiated demand and innovative ad formats to Advanced Bidding, which will allow publishers to maximize both revenue and time. We’re seeing great initial results and look forward to scaling with more publishers in 2021 and beyond.

Sophia Chung, Senior Director of Product, Vungle

Additionally, we are expanding our partnership to include Pangle (currently in alpha3) in our lineup of network bidders. This will enable publishers and developers already mediating Pangle to access Pangle demand programmatically and reduce the amount of time spent on waterfall management. MoPub will continue to support new Advanced Bidding networks as they are ready to integrate.

To learn about how to get started with Advanced Bidding, check out this developer page. For any other questions, please reach out to your account team or the MoPub Support Center.


1 MoPub internal data - Q3 2020 vs. Q2 2020

2 Beta - reach out to your MoPub Account team for access.

3 Alpha - reach out to your MoPub Account team for more information.

About the author: Mireia Codina, Mediation Partner Manager

Mireia is MoPub's Mediation Partner Manager. She joined Twitter in 2014, working with mobile and direct response advertisers to grow their businesses. She transitioned to MoPub in 2017 where she is now managing the relationship with our network partners. When she's not thinking about Advanced Bidding, she loves to practice and teach yoga, catch an independent film, or find new vegan recipes. You can find her on Twitter at @codinami.

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