New Year, New Partners and More Progress for Advanced Bidding

February 04, 2021

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Since launching MoPub’s Advanced Bidding program in 2017, we have been hard at work moving the industry more holistically towards real-time bidding. It’s a new year, and we are  excited to share our latest Advanced Bidding updates.

Supported ad networks and DSPs

As of January 2021, we now have four supported and another three beta networks participating in our in-app bidding solution.  Our current supported network partners are Facebook Audience Network, AdColony, Tapjoy, and Pangle, and our beta network partners are Verizon Media, Vungle, and more. For more information about our supported networks, check out our Advanced Bidding documentation and review this section for specific network instructions on how to add them. For more beta network information, please reach out to your MoPub account team. 

In addition to the Network Advanced Bidders, there are also the 130+ DSPs live on MoPub Marketplace (including the Twitter Audience Platform).

Growth by the numbers

Advanced Bidding continued to see tremendous gains in 2020, with revenue growing 5X and publisher adoption increasing 3.4X from Q1 to Q4 2020.1 The benefits publishers see with in-app bidding compared to traditional waterfalls can include increased ARPDAU, increased operational efficiency, and lowered ad load latency. 

To help maximize your ARPDAU, we recommend that publishers operate with maximum bid density to increase competition; in other words, integrate multiple bidding networks and MoPub Marketplace into your unified auctions.

Stay tuned for more exciting Advanced Bidding announcements coming shortly.

1Source: MoPub internal data

About the author: Mireia Codina, Mediation Partner Manager

Mireia is MoPub's Mediation Partner Manager. She joined Twitter in 2014, working with mobile and direct response advertisers to grow their businesses. She transitioned to MoPub in 2017 where she is now managing the relationship with our network partners. When she's not thinking about Advanced Bidding, she loves to practice and teach yoga, catch an independent film, or find new vegan recipes. You can find her on Twitter at @codinami.

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