Test results are in: the promise of mobile app bidding has become a reality

July 24, 2019

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Jayme Farrell-Ranker
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Mobile app advertising is increasingly moving more holistically towards programmatic buying methods, an approach designed to increase both overall ad revenue for publishers and supply access for buyers. It’s the mobile app world’s version of header bidding; at MoPub, our in-app bidding solution is known as Advanced Bidding. In-app bidding is a hot topic across the industry — but does it work?

This piece details MoPub’s approach to running A/B tests designed to uncover the impact of Advanced Bidding compared to a traditional waterfall-based mediation approach. (Hint: a real, effective A/B test involves much more than just turning on bidding and measuring ARPDAU.) We ran A/B tests with two publishers, and the results for these publishers show:

  • An increase of 5% to 44% in publishers’ ARPDAU.
  • An increase in filled supply.
  • An increase in supply access for all programmatic buyers (Advanced Bidding networks as well as MoPub Marketplace DSP buyers).
  • An increased share of wallet for all programmatic partners.

Talk of the potential of mobile app bidding is at a fever pitch, and MoPub’s A/B tests show that the hype behind the talk is real. Click here or on the image below to access the full whitepaper.


Looking for more? Visit our Advanced Bidding page.

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