Advanced Bidding moving full speed ahead: Exciting updates from Facebook Audience Network and Verizon

February 26, 2020

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Calvin Yeung


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This post was updated on September 3, 2020 to remove mention of Mintegral as a network partner.

Over the last year, we have been hard at work continuing our mission of moving the mobile advertising ecosystem more holistically towards programmatic buying and providing impactful benefits to all parties involved. Today we’re excited to provide an update on the status of this mission, including our work with new partners that we have engaged with to offer Advanced Bidding at scale.

Facebook Audience Network now in open beta

Starting today, we’ve moved Facebook Audience Network into open beta with Advanced Bidding.  Any publisher that wants to opt into Advanced Bidding with Facebook Audience Network can do so by simply reaching out to their MoPub account teams or By making bidding with Facebook Audience Network more widely available, publishers will have the opportunity to earn more revenue and gain back valuable time from simplified waterfall management.

 “We are thrilled that any publisher can now easily integrate one of the largest demand sources in the industry to bid on their inventory via Advanced Bidding. Once publishers have integrated with Facebook Audience Network and are live with Advanced Bidding, Facebook Audience Network immediately competes against the other 130+ bidders in the MoPub Marketplace, including the Twitter Audience Platform, in real-time,” said David Gregson, senior product manager for Advanced Bidding at MoPub.

Welcoming Verizon Media as an Advanced Bidders

In addition to Facebook Audience Network, AdColony, and TapJoy, we’ll soon be expanding our partnership to include Verizon Media in our lineup of network bidders. This will enable publishers and developers to access new programmatic demand and diversified ad formats while reducing the amount of time spent on waterfall management.

Sellers and buyers are seeing the benefits

MoPub’s Advanced Bidding is designed to help publishers more efficiently monetize their inventory, and help eliminate certain inefficiencies of the traditional waterfall with simultaneous real-time bidding from networks and DSPs. 

Glu Mobile, a leading creator of mobile games, recently went live with Advanced Bidding across various titles and is pleased with the improved operational efficiency because of it. “It’s saved our team close to 15 hours of work each week,” said Brian Kealer, Sr. Director of Advertising Monetization at Glu. Additionally, “having MoPub Advanced Bidding running alongside Auto CPM across our most important demand partners helps assure we’re not leaving money on the table.

As our latest whitepaper demonstrates, Advanced Bidding has proven beneficial for many reasons. First, it allows for a waterfall setup that is easier to manage, making the process simpler and more straightforward. Next, publishers who are using our Advanced Bidding product have experienced incremental ARPDAU gains, up to +44.5%. Advanced Bidding also provides an increased share of wallet for programmatic partners.

Audiomack, a youth-driven, artist-first music streaming platform that allows creators to share unlimited music and podcast content for free, saw a 44.5% increase in average revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU) in a month-long A/B test that compared the results of the Advanced Bidding to standard mediation. Furthermore, they experienced an increase in operational efficiency thanks to Advanced Bidding. Dave Macli, CEO of Audiomack, asserts that “once we have all, or the majority, of the networks on Advanced Bidding, I expect even more of our time can be dedicated to more strategic efforts.

On the buy side, Advanced Bidding helps level the playing field. According to Uken Game’s Conrad McGee-Stocks: “A benefit of in-app bidding from the user acquisition perspective is being in a situation where all partners can access inventory equally, and from a buyer perspective, not having to drag people through the waterfall.

The progress made with both new and existing partners, coupled with real-life benefits experienced by publishers and ad buyers alike are validation of the effectiveness of Advanced Bidding. These are major milestones in moving the ecosystem more holistically towards programmatic buying. In-app bidding is a gamechanger for mobile app publishers and ad buyers, and at MoPub we’re excited to continue investing in our Advanced Bidding product.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of the benefits of Advanced Bidding, please reach out to your account team or to request access. 


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