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May 25, 2012

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Jim Payne
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Notice to publishers: We are currently updating our Private Marketplace feature.  Please stay tuned for more information.

In the nine months since we launched MoPub Marketplace , we’ve enabled tens of billions of impressions to flow from advertisers and DSPs to publishers, accounting for millions of dollars in additional ad revenue for publishers. We’ve taken the product a step further today to make MoPub Private Marketplace available to premium publishers and advertisers.

The Private Marketplace product is a real-time bidding exchange with a limited set of advertisers and publishers that have agreed to exclusive terms. You can think of it as similar to eBay’s ‘Buy it Now’ product. Advertisers are given the first look at a publisher’s inventory before other demand sources, including ad networks and other demand partners on the public MoPub Marketplace , in the private exchange.

For publishers, Private Marketplace offers the ability to reduce revenue fluctuations by establishing a pre-set price. It also enables pubs to prioritize trusted content sources and work directly with advertisers or DSPs without the hassle of managing a direct deal. This means you can work with specific advertisers or brands without setting up Insertion Orders (IOs), sending bills, and dealing with data tracking discrepancies that are all part of direct ad deals.

For demand partners, Private Marketplace provides guaranteed access to trusted publishers with your target audience. This is particularly compelling for brands and agencies with great rich media creatives that want to regularly reach users on specific apps without any uncertainty. With the launch of MRAID , these rich media interstitials are becoming increasing more compelling for users and demonstrating a greater ROI for advertisers, like the example pictured below.

The private exchange also improves spend ROI by allowing publishers and advertisers to share exclusive impression data, including demographic composition, behavioral patterns, geographic location, and in-app purchase history. That data can also be supplemented with additional publisher-provided fields that fit the advertisers desired audience. The direct relationship between supply and demand also enables stronger partnerships directly between premium content publishers and advertiser without the same deal development commitment.

Rich media interstitials offer advertisers greater performance.

Users get a more engaging experience and relevant content in their ads.

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