Announcing support for the Open Measurement SDK

September 17, 2020

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As consumers' use of mobile apps has grown, it’s become more important than ever to standardize the way ad viewability is measured on devices. MoPub launched viewability capabilities in 2017, and today we are excited to announce a public beta for our support of the IAB Tech Lab’s Open Measurement initiative (OM SDK). 

MoPub has always been transparent about the high bar we set for quality on our exchange. Across the industry, the quick adoption of viewability as a key metric led to some unintended friction, complexity, and barriers to scale. A hesitance on the supply side to integrate numerous third-party vendor SDKs conflicted with the requirement from advertisers to be able to measure supply with their vendors of choice. To streamline that process for publishers and meet the needs of advertisers, MoPub is making the industry-standard OM SDK available as part of our offering. 

Advertisers running campaigns in the MoPub ecosystem will be able to leverage the OM SDK to measure viewability with certain OM-supported vendors. And, because of MoPub’s size and scale as a mobile app monetization platform (with a footprint of over 1.5B unique devices), we will materially lift the availability of “OM measurable” supply across the entire digital advertising ecosystem.

As one of the largest mobile in-app exchanges, the OM SDK integration and rollout on the MoPub platform will add a large footprint of measurable inventory for brands. I am also looking forward to the upside for app publishers who will be able to offer viewability measurement to all advertisers.

Shailley Singh, Vice President, Product Management and Global Programs for the IAB Tech Lab

With an OM-supported SDK, every bid request will include a signal that the ad opportunity can be measured by the OM SDK. Publishers will no longer have to undergo time-consuming and costly custom viewability measurement integrations. Further, there will be no additional overhead or steps to use our bundled version of OM in our normal SDK integration process. Advertisers can confidently engage with our high-quality supply by appending an OM tag to their creatives from their Open Measurement Working Group vendor of choice. 

For the last several years, MoPub has been working towards simplifying how mobile app ads are transacted. MoPub's adoption of the Open Measurement SDK represents another step in bringing even more transparency to advertisers in the mobile app world. This effort, along with our move to a first price auction and our continued leadership in the app bidding evolution, underscores our commitment to creating a fair and open app ads ecosystem for everyone. We are excited to be taking this important step in simplification and transparency for our customers.

We’ll continue to update our customers and partners on the progress of the beta and the general availability of the product. 

About the author: Brad Beal, Sr. Product Manager

Brad joined MoPub in 2018 and is the Product lead for our platform SDK and ad formats. Previously, Brad was responsible for ad formats, measurement, and mediation at Pandora. Brad started his career in digital advertising at Horizon Media and has also held various Product roles at AT&T. Although based in San Francisco, Brad is a passionate Boston sports fan and tweets from @realdealbbeal.

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