Announcing the release of MoPub’s publisher reporting API

November 07, 2016

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Elain Szu
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We’re delighted to announce that mobile app publishers can now access data for direct sales, ad networks, and MoPub Marketplace through MoPub’s Publisher Reporting API.

Reporting is essential to monitoring and optimizing your monetization strategy. With the Reporting API, publishers can now gather business insights more easily and more quickly than before by accessing direct, ad network, and Marketplace performance data without logging into the platform. The addition of the reporting API directly addresses the needs of publishers with multiple monetization strategies, such as in-app purchase and advertising, by enabling the import of MoPub data into a consolidated revenue reporting dashboard. It also provides daily metrics such as impressions, clicks, and revenue for direct ads and MoPub Marketplace. Furthermore, we’ve added 9 new dimensions in addition to those offered in our offline reports to help publishers glean new insights.


Once publishers have integrated the API, they can easily pull data into internal business intelligence systems to perform further analysis, build scripts on top of it to calculate metrics, improve executive planning, or pull it into a dashboard for visualization.

“MoPub’s Reporting API is simple to use and very performant. Best ads reporting API I’ve seen thus far.”

– Chris Tava, VP Software Engineering, Timehop

We’re excited to bring publishers tools that increase efficiency in their workflow and help drive deeper insights about their users. To get started with MoPub’s Reporting API, check out the specification and documentation . Contact your MoPub account team or email for additional questions.

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