MoPub’s #BackfillForGood initiative expands

May 14, 2021

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Jayme Farrell-Ranker
Sasan Hezarkhani
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In April 2020, we launched an initiative called #BackfillForGood with a goal of using app publishers' unfilled ad space to amplify the distribution of reliable public health information surrounding the growing COVID-19 pandemic. The initial launch reached tens of thousands of unique devices through millions of advertising impressions. Dozens of MoPub’s app developer partners opted in to participate.

In September 2020, MoPub expanded #BackfillForGood to incorporate more social causes — in addition to continuing to spread reliable COVID-19 public health information — focusing efforts on racial justice. We began partnering with nonprofit organizations to help amplify their efforts to fight racism and its negative effects on communities of color across the world. 

As of May 2021, MoPub added new partners to our #BackfillforGood initiative including Ketto and Give India. Both organizations are raising awareness of the deteriorating COVID-19 crisis in India.

MoPub, in partnership with Twitter for Good, plans to continue to expand #BackfillForGood on an ongoing basis.

Through #BackfillForGood, MoPub’s publisher partners have the ability to opt-in some or all of their unfilled banner and fullscreen ad space through the MoPub Publisher Interface under Account settings. 

If you are a MoPub app developer or a Twitter non-profit partner interested in #BackfillForGood, feel free to reach out to your account team or email with any questions.

About the author: Jayme Farrell-Ranker, Group Product Growth Manager 

Jayme leads the product growth team for MoPub. She joined MoPub in 2014, spending the beginning of her tenure managing North American publishers and making the transition to the product team in 2018. Aside from mobile ads, Jayme’s interests include coffee, traveling, and politics; she tweets from @JaymeFR.

About the author: Sasan Hezarkhani, Senior Software Engineer

Sasan is a senior engineer on the MoPub backend ad serving team, making sure MoPub's systems can handle the huge amount of traffic we receive from app publishers around the world. Sasan joined MoPub in 2018 and tweets from @gootik. He has been working in adtech for the past six years, previously at Vungle and ReTargeter.

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