Best Practices: Driving In-app Purchases

August 15, 2012

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Nishaa Tolani
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One of the coolest and slightly underappreciated aspects of MoPub is the ability to use custom URI’s to drive directly to in-app purchases. The custom URI scheme is used to launch itself from either a browser or from another application.

Custom URI’s: To have the click through of ads go to an in-app purchase, you’ll need to set up a custom URI scheme. Check out an example here . Once you do that, all you have to do is drop the custom URI into the click through URL field of the creative.

Promotional Campaigns: In-app purchase campaigns would be set up as promotional or house campaign as they would promote your own applications.

User Targeting: In-app purchases can be targeted to users that already have certain applications installed, essentially driving the user from one application to another. For cross-promotions, MoPub is able to tell when the in-app purchase campaign should be shown if the user already has that app installed, and vice versa, which can dramatically amplify user engagement.

For example, if you have an in-app campaign for a Dragon Games application but you don’t want to show it to users that don’t already have Dragon Games installed, you can type in the application name and select “Target users that don’t have these apps” to prohibit the cross-promotion from showing to those users.

A growing number of publishers are incorporating in-app purchases as part of their monetization strategy because it can generate 10 to 50 times higher value than the price of a paid app. Overall, offering in-app purchases in your games/apps is a great way to drive revenue as well as provide enhanced content for users to enjoy.

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