Best Practices for Excellence in Client Service: Five ways we make client service a priority

April 07, 2016

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Kate Herbert
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Programmatic advertising can feel impersonal in nature; after all, it enables ad buying using technology rather than face-to-face negotiation. But it would be a mistake to think that companies that focus on programmatic, like MoPub, don’t still have a human element. As the ad tech space becomes increasingly competitive, client service becomes increasingly important and can be a real differentiator for a business. Here are five ways that we believe digital companies can excel in client service.

1. Know your focus — and be the best at it.
Some companies try to be the go-to for many different products, which can result in a broad but shallow level of expertise and service. MoPub prefers to concentrate on just one area — and to be the best at it. Clients who work with MoPub expect mobile expertise from a team that’s always been solely focused on in-app mobile programmatic advertising. When we launched MoPub Marketplace back in 2011, mobile programmatic exchanges were virtually non-existent , so we have a team that has truly been working in mobile programmatic since the beginning. This allows us to provide a deep level of solutions-oriented expertise that our clients can rely on to move the needle for their businesses.

2. Be reachable.
Having a team of the best experts in the world won’t help your clients if they can’t get in touch. A response goes a long way — even if an actual solution to an issue isn’t immediately available, let your clients know that you’re aware of their question and are working on it. It’s also important to be available in your clients’ preferred mode of contact. At MoPub, clients actively working with us know that they can always reach us on the phone, in addition to email, instant messaging, and across social media (especially Twitter , of course). We also have a team dedicated to providing technical assistance in addition to our account management organization, which increases the touchpoints where clients can communicate with us.

3. Provide a scaled services model.
No matter the robustness of your client service team, no business has unlimited resources. At MoPub, we view client service as a partnership: the more time we invest in each other, the more successful both our clients and MoPub will be. Naturally, it makes sense to allocate the highest touch service to clients who work most closely with your business. We have a scaled services model that helps partners grow with us, adding levels of support as they do so. Clients who partner closely with MoPub receive direct access to a full team of support, including an account manager, a dedicated technical resource, and an analyst to provide strategic recommendations and optimizations; they can also expect quarterly business reviews and onsite trainings as needed. We pride ourselves on being more than just a platform, and provide the level of service that makes sense as publishers and demand sources grow their businesses with us. Ultimately, our clients’ success is our success.

4. Welcome feedback.
At the end of the day, your business is there to serve your clients — and no one knows better what they need than the clients themselves. Make sure you have both casual and formal processes in place for clients to provide feedback and input. Our teams are constantly in communication with our publishers and receive feedback naturally through those conversations; we also send quarterly surveys that allow clients the chance to provide written feedback on specific areas of our products and services, and we iterate based on the scores we receive in these surveys. In addition, we host a Client Advisory Board event annually and a series of MoPub Exchange Summits that take place in each of our major markets, which offer a unique forum for clients to hear about our roadmap and provide feedback directly to our product team. It’s important to us to foster space for conversations — and to take the client input and actually apply it to our roadmap.

5. Go above and beyond.
To really differentiate your client service offering, keep a lookout for ways you can go above and beyond to reach your clients. It’s something that will be appreciated and remembered — and we’ve often found it to be quite memorable on our end as well. We’ll let a few experiences speak for themselves:


“Being able to take every opportunity to meet with clients globally is very important to our teams. Every strategic partner provides new perspectives, varying goals, and different challenges that they face when it comes to monetizing applications. Taking the time to sit down and work together to optimize and yield revenue is the most important work we can do for both our businesses.”
—Dane Archibald, exchange analyst at MoPub. Dane is based in San Francisco and recently traveled to Taiwan to provide an in-depth business and strategic review for a major client.

“Working with the MoPub account management team is really great: they know their products
and always have useful insights on how to keep improving our performance.”
—Baptiste Chardon, monetisation manager at Ubisoft, who recently participated in a fireside chat in our San Francisco HQ, an event where we brought together publishers to share learnings.

“One of my most memorable client interactions occurred on a trip to Latvia to conduct a quarterly business review. As a bonding experience, our client wanted to do a special activity, and although nervous, we were committed to doing whatever it took to show the client how much we appreciate working with them. We ended up in a bobsleigh, at the Latvia national team camp, spending the longest 45 seconds of our lives going down an icy route at 100 km/h and undertaking a force of 4G on our shoulders. While initially a bit terrifying, it turned out to be a great activity that really strengthened connections with our client.”
—Remy Cottin, senior publisher solutions manager, MoPub


Photo courtesy of Remy Cottin

“We went to meet with a client in a restaurant in Moscow, and our main contact was ill and couldn’t make it at the last minute. His colleagues, who we ended up meeting with instead, spoke zero English — and we don’t speak any Russian. So we got our computers out and used Google Translate to conduct the meeting. We were also able to show our platform on the computer, and did a lot of pantomiming. I think in the end, we of course celebrated over some vodka.”
—Quincy Williams, publisher solutions manager, MoPub


Last but not least: don’t forget to say thank you. We deeply appreciate our clients’ partnership and look forward to continued success together.


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