Best Practices: Keyword targeting for better performance

August 07, 2012

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Matt Murphy
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One of the most powerful capabilities of mobile advertising is the ability to provide highly relevant advertisements to its users. By default the MoPub SDK passes up a user’s country (based on IP address), device type, and encrypted UDID. If you have additional information on your users, it is highly recommended that you pass this information up in the form of keywords. As this does require some additional technical work, we advise that you pass this information when you first integrate the MoPub SDK ( details here ). You can always choose the ways you can use this information in the future. The most popular keywords to pass are based on age and gender , however, you can pass any sort of unique information you have about your users to the MoPub SDK. Below are some additional use cases for these keywords and ways they can be used to deliver your users more targeted campaigns:

  • MoPub Marketplace: First, make sure that you have the MoPub Marketplace turned ON . We will pass this information automatically to our DSPs, which will give you access to higher paying CPM campaigns.
  • Promotional Campaigns: You can use keyword targeting to make your house advertisements more relevant to your users. Some publishers pass up keywords based on whether a user has purchased in-app purchases. You can then serve ads promoting new in-app purchases to only users that haven’t made these purchases yet.
  • Direct Advertisers: A growing number of advertising agencies are looking to target specific mobile users in their campaigns. By passing up keywords from the beginning, this will ensure you wil be ready to go as soon as that insertion order is in hand.

Please follow the documentation here to begin taking advantages of keyword targeting through the MoPub SDK. We will continue to keep you updated with our best practices, but if there is anything specific you would like to learn about, please email us


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