Best Practices: Optimize your international revenue

November 29, 2012

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Nishaa Tolani
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Publishers with lots of international traffic can sometimes miss out on potential revenue by using a single eCPM across all countries for an ad network.  While setting an average eCPM makes sense when most of your users are in a single country, publishers with international users can optimize ad networks more effectively when they are tiered by country.

Ad networks perform differently depending on country because they value each impression based on the user’s location – both on an application and ad unit level.  To set up a multi-tiered network waterfall, start by separating each country or set of countries into groups by eCPM.  For example, your app’s average eCPM might be $1.00 in the United Kingdom, and $0.50 in Mexico and Spain. Instead of using a single eCPM across all three countries, you optimize your revenue by creating two separate networks based on eCPM – one for the UK and one for both Mexico and Spain.  Once you’ve created these two networks, you can use MoPub’s Advance Targeting capabilities to target these countries accordingly.  Implementing this kind of multi-tiered network waterfall can make a material difference in your revenue.

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