Best Practices: Using cross-promos to drive downloads

June 29, 2012

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Matt Murphy
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Users are the driving force behind an app developer’s business and tapping into ways to increase the numbers of downloads is extremely important. Luckily, you can easily accomplish this with MoPub. You can drive users to your existing applications with promotional campaigns.

A promotional campaign runs before your guaranteed campaigns but before the MoPub Marketplace and your ad networks. Setting a frequency cap or changing the allocation settings on these campaigns will ensure that you drive users to your applications while still generating necessary ad revenue. In the case that your networks are unable to fill 100% of your inventory, it is always best to create a backfill promotional campaign as well. These campaigns will capture any remnant inventory and make sure that none of your impressions go to waste.

Feel free to get creative with your house ads by working with rich media vendors and always be sure to include conversion tracking to track the number of installs ( see how to set conversion tracking here ). More users equals more money!

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