Best Practices: Why you should enable MoPub Marketplace

May 30, 2012

Tags: 2012

Caitlin McGovern


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I have often had publishers tell me, “What is MoPub Marketplace ? Is there a reason why I should enable it?”

MoPub Marketplace is our real-time bidding exchange, which gives publishers access to an additional revenue source through a competitive auction with complete transparency and control. And, yes, there are several reasons why you should enable Marketplace !

What’s unique about MoPub’s Marketplace is that it will only win if it is able to beat the highest performing ad network that has an available ad. Therefore, Marketplace can never hurt you. In fact, when you don’t enable Marketplace, you are only losing out on additional revenue. Another benefit of Marketplace is the increase in the quantity of potential bidders for your impressions, without having to include additional SDKs. Marketplace buyers place their bids through the MoPub SDK; basically you increase monetization options without requiring additional work. I also want to point out, that over the past couple of months, we have noticed that some DSPs (demand side partners) are less likely and unwilling to bid on publishers who are using an openUDID approach. While we support both openUDID and UDID, the latter is still the preferred format for many DSPs until a permanent solution is established.

Once you have enabled Marketplace , the ‘price floor’ (a.k.a. minimum acceptable CPM) should always be set below your lowest performing ad network, in order to avoid losing out on potential revenue. By setting the ad units accordingly, this will create an even playing field within Marketplace and help you drive the most possible revenue.

Try enabling MoPub Marketplace today and let us know what you think. You can change your settings at any time, so there is no downside to trying it out.

Stay tuned for more tips and best practices! Interested in learning something specific? Your feedback is always welcome. Email us at

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