Bidding in Barcelona: 3 key takeaways from MoPub and Facebook Audience Network's publisher event

March 05, 2019

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Natalie Breitbach
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One of the MoPub team’s favorite moments at Mobile World Congress last week was the chance to connect directly with publishers to discuss something we’re all excited about: Advanced Bidding. On February 25, we partnered with the Facebook Audience Network team to host leading mobile app publishers in Barcelona for cocktails and conversations about how in-app bidding is impacting the mobile ecosystem.

MoPub’s Head of Product Boris Logvinskiy and Facebook’s Kaushik Subramanian kicked things off with a quick overview and update on in-app bidding. The bulk of the conversation happened during a panel featuring leaders from Apalon, Outfit7, MoPub, and Facebook.

During the panel and the lively discussions that followed, three key themes emerged:

  1. The sooner the better: app publishers who get involved early will benefit. In-app bidding stands to benefit publishers greatly: it can drive up yield, increase auction efficiency, simplify the ad management setup, and reduce latency. The biggest challenge with in-app bidding, though, is that it’s a major industry change to the way apps have been monetized for years. That's why it's especially important for publishers to start testing and optimizing with bidding as soon as possible, getting a head start on what we believe will become the industry norm.

  2. KPIs are new: going beyond CPMs. Publishers have traditionally focused on CPMs as a key metric for success, but in a bidding world, new KPIs may become more important. Publishers are starting to pay attention to holistic revenue, with new KPIs like ARPDAU emerging. This mindset shift is being enabled by bidding. At the end of the day, Advanced Bidding is designed to maximize revenue for publishers, and that’s the metric that ultimately counts.

  3. The right mindset: it's a long-term investment. As a publisher getting started with in-app bidding, it's key to approach the test with the right mindset: this is a chance to iterate, learn, and improve, and should be viewed as a long-term investment (not a short-term chance to boost revenue). Other best practices for getting started: pick the right apps for your test; they should have meaningful user volume, and not have an overly complex waterfall set-up. Finally, publishers should push their demand sources to participate in bidding. The more real-time competition there is from networks, the more successful this solution will be.

The panel was moderated by MoPub's Head of EMEA Demand John Egan. Panelists were Anel Ceman, Deputy VP of Advertising and Store Relations, Outfit7; Oleg Demidov, Ads Monetization Manager, Apalon; Steve Webb, Head of EMEA, Facebook Audience Network; and Jayme Farrell-Ranker, Senior Product Growth Manager, MoPub.

MoPub’s Advanced Bidding solution is post-alpha and currently in a closed beta while our team makes product iterations. Keep an eye on our Advanced Bidding page to learn when we’ve moved to open beta.

Interested in learning more about in-app bidding? MoPub and Facebook Audience Network are hosting a bidding breakfast event for publishers on Thursday, March 21 in San Francisco, to coincide with Game Developers Conference. If you'd like to join, please send an email to to request an invite.

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