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November 12, 2015

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Jeff Cunning
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The audience that brand advertisers want to reach is here: on mobile.


Consumers love mobile: there are now more mobile devices (7.5 billion) than people (7.2 billion) in the world [1]. And, people engage with these devices on an average of nearly 3 hours each day [2]. In fact, 62% of all digital time is spent on mobile (as opposed to only 38% on desktop) [3].

When brands follow this audience and turn their ad dollars to mobile, they see great results. When compared to desktop ads, mobile advertising drives 2-3x higher point lifts for key brand metrics like favorability, aided awareness, likelihood to recommend, and purchase intent [3].

But on the whole, challenges still remain. Many brands are still hesitant about making use of mobile. Advertisers tell us they are worried about content rather than audience. Many still want to reach someone in a premium brand-name app only — even though the average smartphone user visits 25 apps per month; and across the top 1,000 mobile apps, visitors spend on average more than 200 minutes per month [3].

With the growth of programmatic buying, marketers can connect with the people they care about most on mobile, rather than broad-based demographic targeting in traditional forms of media. They can find consumers engaging with a variety of mobile apps throughout the day — across entertainment, social, news, fitness, sports, games, and more. On MoPub Marketplace alone, marketers can connect with their precise audience on more than 31,000 apps.

Mobile programmatic advertising continues to grow quickly thanks to this large, engaged, and connected audience — with spend increasing more than 110% in 2015 vs. 2014 [4]. With people on more than one billion devices across MoPub, it’s safe to say: Your audience is here.

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