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November 22, 2011

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Bryan Atwood
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We know that making a product that is easy to use is almost as important as the product itself. That’s why we’ve made some changes to both the UI and the back end of MoPub to ensure that publishers and app developers on the MoPub platform can manage their direct sold, Marketplace, and ad network campaigns faster and more easily.

1) Making page loads snappier

We invested a lot of time to make the overall site speed much faster.  Whereas heavier pages would sometimes take 5 to 10 seconds to load, we’ve taken steps to load information asynchronously so that pages load in less than 500ms.  While we think there’s always room for improvement on responsiveness, these changes should make the site simply more pleasant to use.

2) Split the interface into the product categories to make finding information easier

Previously, we used the “Campaigns” tab to show performance of direct sold campaigns, cross promotions and ad networks.  For many publishers, this became a case of information overload.  We’ve split the product into a “Campaigns” tab for direct sold and promotional ads, “Marketplace” for the MoPub Marketplace settings, and “Networks” for ad network performance.  This makes it easier for publishers to quickly find what they are looking for and show the information that matters.

3) Campaign pages are now oriented around your goals

The Campaign tab now gets rid of the graph and shows the historical performance for all direct sold and promotional tabs.  In particular, we focus on showing the goals for each campaign, how well we are delivering against those goals and a pacing indicator so that you can check for any under-delivering campaigns at a glance.  The Campaigns dashboard helps ad operation specialists to see how things are performing quickly and to be able to zero in on any campaigns that need investigation.

In addition, the individual campaign page always defaulted to the last 14 days.  For historical campaigns, this wasn’t exactly helpful.  Now the page shows the data for when that campaign was active and highlights how it did on meeting the goals of the campaign.  The new campaign detail page was developed in response to customer requests to make finding critical information easier.

These changes may not seem very big, but if we’ve done our work well then you’ll feel the difference whenever you open up your MoPub dashboard.  We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and continually updating the product to make it more useful and easier to use.  Expect to see more updates from us over the coming weeks and months.  And as always, keep the feedback coming!

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