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March 23, 2011

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Bryan Atwood
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We’re happy to welcome Cloud Print to the MoPub family!  Cloud Print is an Android application that allows its 20,000 users to print from their Android devices to any printer set up with Google Cloud Print.  Paulo Sergio, maker of Cloud Print, was looking to experiment with different ad networks to maximize his advertising revenue.  “After switching to MoPub, I have made more money today than in any other day,” says Paulo.  By optimizing ads from a large number of networks, he now makes more in two days than he used to make in a month with a single network.

Since Cloud Print already had space dedicated for banner ads, total integration time of MoPub was less than an hour.  In addition to ease of integration, Paulo likes the user interface of the analytics dashboard, the open source nature of the SDK, and the fast support from the MoPub team.  (We try!)

We look forward to working with Paulo as Cloud Print grows and we encourage other developers with apps of all shapes and sizes to give us a shot.  Sign up now at /start.

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