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July 09, 2013

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Natalie Sandoval
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Brand advertisers are excited about mobile – but there’s a problem. Traditional media, including desktop, has reliable demographic information that can be used to target ad campaigns to the right audience. Mobile doesn’t have this, due to a combination of technical limitations and relative immaturity of the space. We all know that consumers – especially the desirable ones – are increasingly spending their time using their smart phones and tablets. Without demographic and behavior information, how does a marketer reach the segments they care about in this important medium?

Most people’s concept of location-based advertising is the canonical use case: target a user with a Starbucks coupon when she is near the store. This hasn’t really caught on, because the chances of catching a user in that exact situation with an active ad campaign are very low. We believe the more interesting application of location in mobile is to examine historic trends and repeat behaviors to better understand the user based on the places that she visits. If we identify her as a coffee aficionado, then marketers can send her promotions anytime.

MoPub’s partnership with Factual allows us to achieve exactly this. Factual’s Geopulse Audience Solution works by associating lat/long points to real world locations and then observing the locations that a user visits over a long period of time. They have spent many years collecting and aggregating sources of local information and organizing it to make it useful.

MoPub publishers can benefit because the profiles take advantage of all the information flowing through MoPub’s exchange platform. Advertisers will be able to target advertising using the behavioral and demographic profile information to users on any app on the platform.

During our two week pilot integration, Factual was able to identify 7.5B unique data events and categorize over 25M users. MoPub’s partnership with Factual enhances the value of publisher ad inventory with mobile-specific location-based intelligence.

These data segments allow MoPub to increase the value of ad supply that is traded on our exchange. Buyers can sell new targeting capabilities to their customers and deliver more performance. Publishers automatically increase the value of their ad inventory with rich data sets, and quickly improve quality and targeting of the advertising they display to their users – with zero additional work!

Download our entire case study with Factual here .

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