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May 24, 2013

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Jazz Sahota
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The MoPub team is “bananas” for Fruit Ninja! Based in Australia, Halfbrick was an early winner in the iOS AppStore with their classic fruit slicing game. They’ve recently followed up with “Fish Out of Water,” destined to be a classic. We are proud to have them as a publisher on our platform. Today, we highlight some of the success that Halfbrick has been able to achieve with their advertising strategy on Fruit Ninja Free.

Monetizing the quantity of ad impressions created by a top hit in the App Store presents a unique set of challenges. Halfbrick delivered a massive hit with Fruit Ninja in 2011. As the audience continued to grow, the company realized that ad revenue and campaign quality were not scaling in parallel. Halfbrick needed to take control of their advertising business with the objective of increasing access to premium, high paying advertisements.

MoPub provided advanced features and hands-on support that allowed Halfbrick to create a sophisticated advertising strategy:

  • Direct relationships with ad networks and increase participation in premium campaigns

  • Per-country ad network waterfalls that increased CPMs across the global user base

  • Regional ad network support with Custom Events, enabling new partner tests

  • Active participation in Marketplace

  • Granular targeting with conversion tracking to efficiently utilize ad inventory for efficient cross promotion

Halfbrick tripled their revenue through MoPub Platform and are now generating over $2.5M annually from this single title.

Marketplace ,  MoPub’s real time bidding exchange, became one of the top three revenue sources for Halfbrick and complemented Halfbrick’s network partnerships. The combination of brand value from a top app, ad unit performance, and openness to a wide variety of advertisers makes this inventory thrive in the exchange.

Increasing flexibility and control over their revenue sources allowed Halfbrick to maximize the value of their top property. Halfbrick plans to move their entire app portfolio onto MoPub over the next quarter.

Download our complete case study here .

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