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May 17, 2013

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Natalie Sandoval
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MoPub is fortunate to have partnerships with amazing publishers and developers. Today, we are pleased to feature one of those amazing publishers, theScore . Based in Toronto, Canada, theScore’s mission is to provide a full digital service to sports fans, delivering a personalized user experience across all major mobile platforms through mobile apps and website. Users are provided with a comprehensive, customizable service that dispenses real-time sports news, scores, fantasy information and alerts, alongside compelling, relevant content that allows for seamless social sharing by users.

Being a premium property, direct sales to brands represents a significant component of their advertising opportunity. theScore needed a mobile ad server capable of delivering brand campaigns, plus the ability to maximize the value of any impressions not sold to direct advertisers.

MoPub’s solution to theScore’s key challenges included integrating the entire MoPub platform to manage direct sales and remnant in a single dashboard, using MoPub Marketplace and server-to-server ad networks to maximize fill rate, as well as implementing Line Item Priorities to deliver high dollar sponsorship.

Additionally, the intuitive design of the MoPub UI created efficiencies for the ad operations workflow at theScore. The company is successfully delivering more direct campaigns while spending less time trafficking and reporting. Direct sales now accounts for 1/3 of inventory usage on the Score mobile apps, including sponsorships from top brands like Nike, Porsche, Corona and The Home Depot.

Their eCPM from the remnant inventory has increased by 25%, most notably by gains in fill rate from additional ad networks and dynamic impression optimization through real-time bidding.

Read more about our partnership with theScore and how MoPub has helped their monetization strategy here:

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