Choosing the right ad formats for your app

August 09, 2016

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Elena Elfimova
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Publishers turn to different ad formats to help effectively monetize their apps, but it’s not always clear which ones will bring the right balance of ad revenue, retention, and app engagement. When it comes to choosing ad formats, the key is to create a customized experience that aligns revenue and user happiness.

In this post, we shed light on common assumptions surrounding different ad formats so publishers can experiment with new ad formats that could grow their business.


Publishers who implemented fullscreen ad units nearly doubled their revenue YoY.*

Assumption : Fullscreen ads are disruptive to the user experience.
Fact : Placement is key. Fullscreen ads work well with natural breaks in the user experience (such as between different levels or changes of functions within content apps) rather than on app load, on back buttons, or when exiting apps.
Fact : Flexible user experience. Fullscreen ads can cater to different app experiences by providing access to more sophisticated formats such as playables and video.
Fact : High quality creatives. F ullscreen ads provide more screen real estate for marketers to run visually compelling campaigns.
Fact : User control . Static fullscreen ads give users the option to click through the ad or close it any time.

Rewarded Video

“Rewarded video ads have doubled the average LTV of our users in some cases and improved the reciprocity of what we offer users in-app.”
-Baptiste Chardon, Monetization Manager, Ubisoft

rewardedvideoimage Assumption:
Rewarded video ads jeopardize in-app purchases.
Fact : Rewarded videos and in-app purchases can work well together. Rewarded videos are a great way to introduce users to your in-app economy and grow the value of users.

Assumption: Rewarded video ads discourage people from using my app.
Fact : Rewards can increase the time spent in-app. This format provides users a clear value exchange and an even stronger reason to stay engaged with the app for longer.

Assumption: Rewarded video ads could expose me to hacks that will disrupt my app economy.
Fact : Robust security settings can prevent hacking. Server-to-server verification provides a more trusted security system and simplified currency settings.

Native Display

CTRs for native display ads more than doubled in the last year.*

nativedisplayimage Assumption: Native ads blend in with app content, so performance may be negatively impacted.
Fact : Native ads see higher engagement. Native ads are distinct from content, but less interruptive in the app experience, so users are more likely to engage. In Q1 2016, native ads drove nearly 3x higher CTR than banner ads.*

Assumption: Native ads require a lot of integration work.
Fact : Finding the perfect balance of ads and content requires no integration work. AdPlacer, a feature on the MoPub UI, allows you to experiment with ads in new and different parts of your app and see revenue impact immediately, without engineering work.
Fact : Native ads provide flexibility and control. Native ads are customizable, allowing publishers to create multiple ad experiences from a single set of creative assets.

Our goal is to ensure these insights help you earn more revenue while preserving the user experience. For information on how you may be able to drive more value from ad formats, reach out to us at .

MoPub supports a wide variety of mobile ad formats, enabling publishers to monetize in ways that best fit their strategy. Additionally, publishers who work with MoPub benefit from a team of experts who provide insights, best practices, and tailored recommendations that can drive advertising revenue and enhance user experience.

*Provided insights reflect data collected from MoPub Marketplace in Q1 2016 and Q1 2015.

The performance data featured represents past performance, which is no guarantee of future results. Current performance may be higher or lower than the performance data quoted.

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