3 reasons why worldwide hit Rope Rescue! chooses MoPub to power its ad monetization

December 05, 2019

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Calvin Yeung


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Founded in London, Coda entered the hyper-casual gaming scene in August of 2019 with the overnight success of the app Rope Rescue!, garnering more than 1 million installs in a matter of days. Recognizing the importance of ad monetization as a part of its overall growth strategy, Coda made the decision to work with MoPub to foster a seamless game-play and in-app ads experience early on in order to minimize user churn and increase performance.

The search for the right monetization platform

The Coda team was new to the gaming industry and was looking for a trusted partner that could help them with both their monetization strategy and technical integration from the outset. With just a dozen and a half employees, Güven Soydan, Head of Growth at Coda at the time, was solely in charge of finding the right ad monetization platform. He recognized that being a team of just one, he needed two things in order to be successful: a reliable and intuitive platform, and a kick-start from experts who could share best practices. “MoPub’s hands-on consultative approach to customer success is extremely refreshing in a sea of overwhelming email correspondences and do-it-yourself best practices guides, Soydan shared. 

Given his intimate knowledge of the adtech industry based on prior experience as a product manager at a monetization platform, Soydan was all too familiar with some of the technical and support limitations encountered when working with some of today’s competing platforms, which often lack flexibility, transparency, and a hands-on customer success team.  

Why did Coda choose MoPub?

Coda launched its app with MoPub as its monetization platform of choice in August 2019 and is also live with Advanced Bidding - MoPub’s in-app bidding solution. 

Coda has experienced success in the following areas since launch: 

  • Education and training: MoPub allocated resources for educational onboarding workshops, and the MoPub team became involved as consultants to accelerate Coda’s game release and make sure they are maximizing each revenue opportunity. 

  • Unique demand: MoPub provides unique rewarded video and full-screen demand and enables unique campaigns from diverse global and local brands, so that app users see a mix of creatives, avoid repetitive ads fatigue, and are encouraged to engage with relevant campaigns.

  • Client support:  MoPub also provides excellent ongoing account management support including integration and troubleshooting support from MoPub’s client service and technical teams, as well as ad optimizations and recommendations from MoPub’s analytics experts.

“MoPub enables us to implement a monetization strategy that suits our needs and evolves with us over time. One of the great things we love about MoPub is the flexibility of the platform. We are able to maximize the ad revenue generated from our users while focusing on our expansion plans.” 

— Şekip Can Gökalp, CEO, Coda 

Going forward, the Coda team plans to leverage MoPub’s impression-level revenue data to gain a better understanding of its users’ total LTV in order to assist in making more informed user acquisition decisions and further refine its monetization strategies. 

With several other games in the pipeline, MoPub continues to work closely with the Coda team to ensure that each game launches without a hitch and meets its growth objectives. 

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