Content Filtering in the MoPub Marketplace

January 19, 2012

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Bryan Atwood
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One of our goals with the MoPub Marketplace is to give publishers more control over the ads that they are serving in their apps.  In keeping with this philosophy, we have recently launched the ability for publishers to filter what type of ads are being shown.  The Marketplace can now be set to show ads appropriate for your app, whether it is designed for family audiences or targets mature users.

By default, the MoPub Marketplace will show ads appropriate for general audiences.  By setting filtering to “Strict” mode, it prevents ads related to things that publishers might not want to be shown to family audiences (i.e. pregnancy, divorce).  On the other end, moving to “Low” filtering is designed for mature audiences and permits a broader range of ads, such as alcohol and dating. Keep in mind that the more you restrict your settings, the smaller the pool of possible bidders becomes, so in some cases, filtering ads could affect your ad revenues (as is always the case with control features). However, it may also help revenues by reducing ad fatigue, increasing user happiness, and increasing conversion as a result.

We’ll be adding even more controls and transparency features into Marketplace in the coming months!  Keep your feedback coming in the meantime.

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