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July 15, 2015

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Jeff Cunning
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We’re pleased to announce Deep Link+ as an innovative solution for improving retargeting ads — enabling a premium experience for users, and quality and transparency for advertisers. Deep Link+ enables buyers to supply ads with a retargeting deeplink and a fallback if the app is not installed. We’ve also enabled tracking upon which action the user takes — providing buyers with reporting they never had before. And Deep Link+ is built into the MoPub SDK, so there is no need for pop up browser windows and redirects that deteriorate the user experience.


Retargeting and re-engaging users has become a bedrock for mobile app advertisers looking to maintain sustainable and vibrant communities. While data and technology have made this strategy possible in the past, retargeting on mobile at scale has had significant challenges.

Previous deep-linking methods have been the necessary evil. But with users adding and deleting apps all the time, advertisers could never be sure that a deeplink would lead a user to an app at all. Fallbacks were introduced to bring users to mobile sites or app download pages when the primary destination failed. However, processing these deeplinks required opening up blank browser windows, redirecting users multiple times, and sometimes breaking down completely. To top it off, the complex technology used could cause buyers to never know which action was taken.

MoPub solves these issues at scale with Deep Link+ — a new scheme supported by our latest SDK. Our solution is predicated on optimizing the user experience while improving buyers’ ability to generate conversions and track results with confidence. Meeting the needs of buyers and users, we believe this new method of deep-linking is the right direction for the industry. We encourage all mobile supply platforms to adopt this scheme to make retargeting a better experience for everyone.

We’re excited to help advertisers take a big step forward while improving the experience for users. Contact your MoPub account team or email to learn more about what Deep Link+ means for you.

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