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July 11, 2011

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Bryan Atwood
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At MoPub, we make ad serving products for publishers and app developers of any size so that as your business grows, you’ll have the tools you need to gain insight and control. While most of our publishers primarily use MoPub to manage their ad network relationships, a few larger publishers are driving most of their revenue from direct sold ad campaigns. We realized that we didn’t have a lot of details about our tools for this so we wanted to spend some time talking about our direct sold advertising features.

Campaign Budgeting

We’ve designed MoPub to be useful even to organizations with large ad operations teams with complicated trafficking and reporting needs.  We use similar workflows to tools like DoubleClick except that MoPub was built from the ground up for mobile apps and web sites.  The basic direct sold campaign setup is shown below.  Typically, an ad order has a start and end date, a CPM rate, and a number of impressions to be served.  The tool lets you spread these impressions out across the whole campaign or deliver them as soon as possible.  MoPub also supports several priority levels in case you want to traffic a lower-paying ad first.


MoPub offers various targeting parameters so that you can control exactly how your ads are served.  For advertisers that want to limit their campaigns to certain regions, MoPub lets you target ad campaigns either at the country level or at the city level.  We also recently launched targeting to device platform and OS.  MoPub also supports arbitrary keywords in case you want to define your own targeting criteria.  For example, you might use this to target certain demographic segments of your users.  Or you might have different areas of your site (“sports” and “weather”, for example) and want to target ads to a certain section.  Standard ad operation tools like frequency capping and A/B testing are provided so that you can maximize exposure of your ads or find out which ads perform better before launching to all of your users.


After setting up the campaign budgeting and targeting, you can add one or more creatives to it.  MoPub handles static image ads as well as HTML5 rich media ads in any size that your tablet or smart phone app supports.  Multiple creatives can be attached to a single campaign so that you can do things like test which ad performs best.  In the creative, you can add a click-through URL (or other action) as well as a third-party tracking pixel if you or an advertiser is using a tool like DFA to verify delivery.  Finally, we’ve buit a tester right into the product so you can see what the ad looks like in your browser without having to fire up an emulator.

We’re seeing significant dollars being spent on direct sold ad campaigns for mobile and we continue to strive to build the best tools to maximize that revenue.  If you’re interested in learning more about how MoPub can help your business with direct sales, contact and we’d be happy to discuss it with you.

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