Easily run guaranteed campaigns in four simple steps

July 16, 2012

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Caitlin McGovern


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As you grow your relationships with advertisers and ad agencies, you can continue to use MoPub to support these “direct” relationships as guaranteed campaigns. We’ve made setting up guaranteed campaigns very easy within the MoPub UI! To ensure you’re getting the most from your campaign, just follow these four simple steps:

1) MoPub prioritizes your campaigns by CPM

Therefore, if you have multiple guaranteed campaigns running at once, MoPub will attempt the highest eCPM campaign before attempting your other guaranteed campaigns. If you have a guaranteed campaign that is a lower eCPM, but should be a higher priority, you can then select “high” as the campaign’s priority. If your guaranteed campaign is a CPC campaign, please note that MoPub will convert the CPC to a CPM for budgeting and prioritization purposes.

2) Enter your delivery and budget amount

If your campaign is set to a CPM campaign, you should enter the delivery amount as the impressions per day or total campaign impression amount. If your campaign is set to a CPC campaign, however, you should enter the delivery amount as United States dollar amount per day or total campaign dollar amount. While it is important to enter an impression amount for your CPM campaigns, if your campaign is an ad unit takeover, please leave the impression field empty. This means MoPub will attempt this guaranteed campaign for every request we receive.

3) Get fancy with advanced settings

After you have targeted the applications and ad units, the next important thing to remember is to set your advanced settings. If you click on “Show Advanced Details”, you can set an allocation percentage, frequency cap, device target, and even do user targeting, country targeting, city targeting, and keyword targeting. These types of targeting can help increase your eCPMs in many cases (which we will discuss in an upcoming post). If you are using city targeting, please remember that your application must pass latitude and longitude, and if you are taking advantage of user targeting, your application must have conversion tracking integrated.

4) Upload your creative

MoPub can support a variety of different ad creative sizes all within the one campaign. If you have multiple pieces of creative running, MoPub will prioritize your creative by CTR. Within the creative level you can also set up conversion tracking to properly track conversions and installs (see how to set up conversion tracking here ).

Stay tuned for more tips and best practices! Interested in learning something specific? Your feedback is always welcome. Email us at marketing@www.mopub.com or tweet @mopub.

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