Etermax shows brands have finally embraced apps

February 05, 2015

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Simón Selva
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Trivia Crack provides compelling evidence that brand advertisers have (finally) embraced apps.


Today, we’re delighted to have a guest post from MoPub client, Simón Selva, COO at Etermax S.A.  Etermax, a leading developer for top games like Trivia Crack, Aworded, and Bingo Crack, demonstrates that brand advertising spend has recently moved to mobile apps.  In their own words:

Trivia Crack experiences massive growth
Every publisher with ad-supported apps knows to expect a seasonal uplift in ad revenue during the holiday period. Etermax enjoyed a far greater lift than usual by owning the top ranked app globally for the entire month of December. Trivia Crack combined a massive increase in usage with an organic infusion of new brand advertisers through realtime bidding, and saw outsized revenue growth as a result.

Real-time bidding drives brand spend

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As a mobile-only real-time bidding (RTB) exchange, MoPub connects Trivia Crack to demand from 145 buyers primarily focused on apps. MoPub creates a dynamic market for apps and advertisers, enabling an app that surges in popularity to immediately scale demand in direct proportion to increased supply.

RTB also enables brands to access audiences programmatically, making it easier to include mobile apps as part of their holiday marketing strategy. The net result demonstrates a dramatic shift in buying behavior: this is the first time brands account for the majority of spend in an app this popular.

Premium brands arrive on apps
MoPub conducted a deeper analysis of the period leading up to and immediately after Christmas Day to look at spending trends by day.

The trend shows heavy investment by brand advertisers right through Christmas Eve, followed by a jump in app install advertisers beginning on Christmas Day and accelerating through the following weekend. As shown below, total revenue peaked on December 24th, but the influx of app install ads maintained daily revenue through the period.

The range of brand categories is also surprising. In addition to the expected retail category, eight automotive brands are present, as well as electronics manufacturers, CPG brands, and even luxury goods. The breadth of categories and depth of activity on Trivia Crack is compelling evidence that brands are now fully embracing apps as a primary marketing channel.

Download the full success story here.

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