Exciting updates to ad sizes and workflow on MoPub

September 16, 2019

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Mobile in-app ad formats are constantly evolving to facilitate better user experiences and higher-performing campaigns. At MoPub this is always top of mind, as ads are at the very center of our business: our platform allows publishers to monetize their apps by selling ads to our participating buyers. It’s crucial that both our supply and demand partners fully understand and utilize the variety of ad formats that we support on our platform. It’s equally important that we constantly enhance the way ad formats are organized and transacted to facilitate easier setup, increase flexibility, and maximize sell-through. 

To that end, we’ve recently simplified ad format setup in the MoPub publisher UI and launched the OpenRTB format array extension, providing DSPs with the flexibility to access a wider variety of sizes for banner, medium rectangle, and fullscreen ads on MoPub Marketplace. We’ve heard feedback from our demand partners that their clients support these incremental sizes; by enabling these sizes on MoPub, we expect to better meet these needs, seeking to drive additional scale and impact for our publishers.

The format array will support the following additional ad sizes (listed in blue below) and will be added in the imp.banner.ext.format field of the bid request. Note: this change does not currently affect native nor rewarded video bid requests.

Read on for important information and best practices regarding the publisher UI changes and format array, which all bidders will start receiving in MoPub bid requests as of today. 


For our publishers and app developers, we’ve consolidated ad formats in the MoPub publisher UI. We aim to increase your operational efficiency when using the MoPub UI by simplifying ad unit setup and the ongoing maintenance experience. You will no longer be required to specify whether the ad unit is for a phone or tablet and whether it shows in landscape or portrait mode. Instead, we’ll leverage real-time signals from our SDK around the device and its orientation to deliver the expected experience.

Create a new ad unit by selecting from one of the 5 formats.

DSPs can now customize their segments with more of the ad sizes that matter to advertisers. Additional ad sizes are now reflected in the Segments and Testing sections of the MoPub Demand Platform.

Of note: the introduction of these new sizes will extend our current supply but not increase a bidder’s QPS. In short, DSPs can expect the same QPS but with multiple sizes in each distinct request. 


With this release you will notice a couple of changes to MoPub Analytics. Bid request ad sizes will now be represented by the “format array size” dimension. Furthermore, you will now be able to view the size for the creative that won the auction and was shown to an end-user under the newly released “winning creative ad size” dimension. To see the full list of data dimensions available, click here for publishers and here for DSPs.


As a result of the publisher UI changes, 728x90 Leaderboard ad units will only be included in the format array extension moving forward. Therefore, DSPs that cannot support the format array will lose access to the 728x90 Leaderboard as of September 16, 2019. In order for DSPs to preserve their ability to bid on 728x90 Leaderboard ad units on MoPub Marketplace, they will need to support our Format Array extension.


Please ensure that you are sending back a valid height and width (in density-independent pixels) in the bid object of every bid response. The valid height and width, as per the IAB specification, must be one of the sizes passed in the bid request and specified in the format array. 


Update to the latest SDK 5.8 (iOS, Android, and Unity) to ensure the best experience with these new enhancements. For more information, check out this technical document and FAQs.

As always, we are here to support our partners, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to your MoPub representative or support@mopub.com (for publishers) / mopubDSPsuccess@twitter.com (for DSPs) with questions about the format array or to learn more about the variety of ad formats that we support on our platform.

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