11 key questions for preventing fraud and invalid traffic (IVT)

August 09, 2021

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11 key questions for preventing fraud and invalid traffic (IVT)

There’s no better time than the present for app developers, demand-side platforms (DSPs), agencies, and advertisers to ensure that they’re set up for success when it comes to fraud and invalid traffic (IVT) prevention. Fraudsters are ever-evolving, so it’s critical to keep setups updated with the latest detection and methodologies.

MoPub is committed to a quality ecosystem on the buy and sell sides, pushing a number of efforts while working with best-in-class external partners. This includes our close partnership and direct integration with DoubleVerify.

For advertising to perform, it must be seen by real people,” said Matt McLaughlin, COO of DoubleVerify. “Unfortunately, fraud follows the money — and as ad investments have shifted to mobile, bad actors are working hard to take advantage. That's why we launched our partnership with MoPub in 2019 to ensure their customers are protected from exposure to fraud — giving them confidence in the quality of their inventory."

For publishers to keep up-to-date on the latest, we updated our best practices guide to reflect some of the key steps for preventing fraudulent traffic and a safer app ecosystem.

To help you get started, check out these 11 important questions to consider when approaching fraud prevention:

Self-identify your inventory

1. App identification: Have you confirmed that your app’s information is properly identified in MoPub’s UI?

2. Developer’s website: Have you correctly entered your business domain in your MoPub account settings?

3. App-ads.txt: Have you posted an app-ads.txt (authorized digital sellers) file to your app’s developer site?

4. IAB Tech Lab’s Supply Chain Validation Service: Are you interested in additional support to verify that your ads.txt and/or app-ads.txt file adheres to proper specifications? Until September 30, 2021, MoPub customers can access this service at 40% off with code MOPUB59.

Common setup and configuration issues

5. Refresh rates: Are your ad units refreshing too quickly?

6. SDK integration: Have you taken the steps to integrate the latest SDK updates from your partners, including monetization, attribution, and analytics?

7. Testing: Are you performing any tests in a live environment?

8. Traffic acquisition partners: Have you begun working with any new traffic or installation acquisition partners?

Proactive monitoring and filtering

9. Detection: Do you have a method of validating that impressions are served to legitimate human users?

10. Analytics: Do you regularly review app analytics to identify potential anomalies in your app visitation, such as a high volume of visits from a single IP or users visiting briefly but frequently?

11. Red flags: Are you on the lookout for red flags and abnormal traffic patterns that might indicate IVT?

For more information on all things inventory quality, be sure to check out our best practices guide.

About the author: Lead Technical Solution Consultant

Tara is MoPub's Lead Technical Solution Consultant. She joined Twitter in 2015, to work with publishers who have integrated the MoPub SDK. When she's not thinking about SDKs and APIs, she loves biking, swimming, and hanging out with her Pomeranian puppy, Pippin. You can find her on Twitter at @tibach212.

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