MoPub Partner Spotlight: Kris Jia, Marketing Director of Habby

June 29, 2021

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MoPub Partner Spotlight: Kris Jia, Marketing Director of Habby
Skyler Sun
Skyler Sun
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Habby Games is a world-renowned game developer established in 2018. The name "Habby" is derived from a combination of "Happy + Hobby," which reflects the team’s commitment to developing and creating casual and hyper-casual games. Habby’s main titles include Archero (50 million+ downloads), Penguin Isle (10 million+ downloads), Slidey: Block Puzzle (5 million+ downloads), and Super Hit Baseball (1 million+ downloads).

Habby started its collaboration with the MoPub team in 2019, and the partnership has grown rapidly since then. In April 2021, Habby's Marketing Director Kris Jia came to Singapore to expand the company's overseas market. The MoPub team in APAC was fortunate to sit down with her. Skyler Sun, Strategic Publisher Manager in APAC, interviewed Kris on Habby’s business model and initiatives for 2021, including Habby’s experience partnering with MoPub. Here’s what we learned from our conversation:

Skyler: Kris, welcome! Can you tell us more about yourself?

Kris Jia: My name is Kris and I am Habby’s Marketing Director. I am in charge of monetization and user acquisition at Habby Games.

Kris, Marketing Director of Habby
Kris, Marketing Director of Habby

Skyler: Can you give us a brief overview of Habby's business?

Kris Jia: Habby is a global game publishing company, and we also have some in-house projects in the pipeline. In the past few years, we've published games such as Archero, which once ranked #1 across 32 countries, and is one of our most successful titles to date. Following that, we released games like Penguin Isle, Slidey: Block Puzzle, and Super Hit Baseball. We've gained lots of traction publishing these games globally, and we'll continue our path in the hyper-casual space as we  further develop casual games for our audiences. We also hope to have even deeper collaboration with the MoPub team in the future.

Games released by Habby

Skyler: Can you describe your experience working with MoPub over the years?

Kris Jia: From my point of view, MoPub has strong flexibility, and it’s truly an unbiased mediation platform. In addition, the MoPub team has provided us with superb client service. These are just a few examples that speak to our strong partnership.


Skyler: Looking at the results you’ve achieved with MoPub so far, what excites you the most?

Kris Jia: We’ve tried working with a lot of mediation partners in the industry before beginning our partnership with MoPub. The honest feedback that MoPub provided made us more confident  to increase the proportion of in-app advertising (IAA) in our overall revenue, which is important to our business.

Skyler: Would you recommend MoPub to other developers who are currently considering a mediation network? If so, why?

Kris Jia: Absolutely. MoPub demonstrates strong flexibility. For that reason, I believe MoPub would be a great fit for teams that haven't had much experience with IAA before, or who don't want to invest too much effort into IAA. Because of its flexibility together with the team's client services, MoPub can help leverage this kind of monetization with minimum effort and maximum cost reduction in the most cost-efficient way.

Skyler:  How would you describe the entire collaboration process between Habby and MoPub?

Kris Jia: Actually, we've been working on monetization for many years. So we've worked with all the monetization companies that can be found on the market. But for us, what we feel most strongly is that MoPub’s response to our questions is always very prompt. Anytime we have a problem, MoPub responds to it as soon as possible, and helps us come up with a solution in real time. Such an immediate response gives us a very warm impression, which is very important to us.

Kris, Marketing Director of Habby (left), and Skyler, Strategic Publisher Manager for MoPub (right)
Kris, Marketing Director of Habby (left), and Skyler, Strategic Publisher Manager for MoPub (right)

Skyler: What are some of Habby's new initiatives for 2021? Can you share a bit more with us, especially about your expansion to Singapore?

Kris Jia: Habby was actually founded in Singapore in the early days. It’s just that our local office in Singapore is relatively small, and handles a relatively small part of our business. However, our team has moved over here, and we are hoping that we'll be able to expand our team in the future, such as our monetization team,  for instance. In the future, our focus will shift more to these international offices. We also have foreign employees on our team, including colleagues from the U.K. and South Korea. We hope to continue growing international perspectives at our company.

Skyler: Regarding business development, do you have any new visions for 2021? Are there any plans you can share with us?

Kris Jia: Habby has always been engaged in the global gaming business, but we actually also have our own R&D team. While we are developing, we also hope that there will be more creative and Indie developers from around the world to join us, so we can work together as one big team to push the gaming business forward globally.

Skyler: How did you get into the gaming industry?

Kris Jia: I majored in communication engineering in college, which was actually relevant to the Internet industry. After I graduated from college, I joined a tech company as an intern. At that time, the company was just starting its gaming business, so I got involved and have been immersed in the gaming industry ever since!

Skyler: Thank you so much, Kris, for the interview today and sharing more about your career journey and experience.. We also look forward to close collaboration between MoPub and Habby in 2021 and helping Habby to reach the next level.

About the author: Skyler Sun, Strategic Publisher Manager

Skyler Sun is the Strategic Publisher Manager for MoPub GCR. She has rich experience in programmatic advertising and media operations. She's committed to helping publishers grow their business and maximize their revenue potential. She puts customers in the heart of everything she does by constantly providing monetization optimization solutions and sharing industry best practices.

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