The next phase of app monetization: Key mobile header bidding insights from SEGA

February 05, 2018

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Natalie Breitbach
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At Casual Connect USA, MoPub’s Head of Product Boris Logvinskiy took the stage to discuss header bidding — one of the hottest terms when it comes to monetization these days — and what it means for mobile app developers. He was joined by Adam Carey, Senior Director of Ad Monetization at SEGA, who shared his experiences and why he feels that header bidding style solutions are crucial. Highlights from their talk as well as a video of the full session can be found below.

Header bidding has become a very hot topic for publishers looking for the best ways to monetize their inventory. Because the mobile app ecosystem is unique, header bidding type solutions can’t simply replicate what worked in the desktop world; a truly new solution is needed. At MoPub, we’re calling that Advanced Bidding. At Casual Connect, Boris and Adam discussed what a solution like this needs to be successful. Key insights included:

1. It’s time.

“The need for this should be beyond obvious for everyone,” Adam said. Header bidding took everyone by storm in the desktop world — and created both winners and losers. Because it’s so different from desktop, the mobile in-app world presents a new chance for providers to “get it right” when it comes to this type of solution.

2. Not all header bidding solutions are created equal.

The digital space is extremely fragmented, and while many companies are claiming to have header bidding products, publishers testing these early solutions are seeing mixed results. Bidders need to talk to the rest of the stack; latency needs to be addressed; and ultimately, the waterfall needs to go. A true solution can’t just be hacked together or bolted on; it needs to be developed from the ground up.

3. Look for a mobile-first provider.

Some companies are pitching solutions that would work well on desktop or mobile web, but haven’t been fully thought through for mobile apps. “Whoever we adopt for ‘advanced bidding’ or header bidding, I want to make sure they’re really part of this community, the in-app space, and understand the ramifications of any decision they make. [Without that expertise], it’s just too easy to break stuff,” according to Adam.

For more insights and advice from Boris and Adam, check out the video below from Casual Connect USA 2018.

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