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How To Work With Facebook Audience Network on MoPub

April 30, 2014

Tags: 2014

Jim Payne
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This morning, Facebook announced the launch of Facebook Audience Network (FAN), which connects Facebook advertisers to mobile app publishers. We are excited Facebook is taking this step to provide developers with an additional source of ad revenue. MoPub’s platform was built to provide publishers and developers control over their ad inventory. Many of our customers use multiple ad networks along with the MoPub Marketplace to garner the most competitive price for their ad space. Using MoPub, you can work with any ad network, including iAd, AdMob, Millennial Media, and now Facebook Audience Network.

Why use network mediation on MoPub


We live in a world of fragmented ad sources. As a result, publishers often use a single network mediation solution to consolidate this management. With MoPub, you can manage all of your networks and leverage the additional demand from thousands of advertisers on MoPub Marketplace. This approach drives more revenue by introducing competition with your ad networks and allows publishers to easily optimize performance. No single ad source fills 100% of the time, so it’s important to integrate multiple ad sources with your app to maximize your revenue opportunity.

For publishers interested in using Facebook Audience Network on MoPub, our Custom Events framework provides an easy way to integrate. To get started, visit our iOS and Android documentation. We will also be launching a MoPub-certified Custom Event adapter for the Facebook Audience Network over the coming weeks.





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