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April 11, 2013

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Elain Szu
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Our most recent update to the MoPub SDK for iOS ( offers some important and exciting changes!

Farewell, UDID

The MoPub iOS SDK has been updated to comply with Apple’s recent announcement that as of May 1st, 2013, any new apps or updates submitted to the iOS AppStore using UDID will be rejected. (Read here for a recap of the UDID and why it matters for publishers, advertisers, and networks).

To ensure your new app submissions and app updates get approved, the latest MoPub SDK does not include any access or reference to UDID for users on iOS 5.X or earlier. This change should have a minimal effect on your users and overall monetization since the vast majority of iOS users have already upgraded to iOS 6, which has the privacy-compliant Identifier For Advertising (IDFA). However, updating to the most recent MoPub SDK will help ensure that any app updates you submit won’t be rejected for including UDID.

As we blogged last week , we expect that the number of users affected by this will continue to decrease quickly.

Announcing iOS Store Kit Support

We’re excited to introduce Store Kit to MoPub publishers because it offers an improved experience for your users when interacting with ads with an install or in-app purchase goal.  With Store Kit, a user can access all of the key functionality of the iTunes App Store, including downloading a third-party app, without having to ever leave your app context.  This better user experience means improved conversion rates for advertisers and better monetization for you as a publisher.  It can also improve user engagement, allowing users to stay within your app and continue their experience with minimal interruption.

You can also use Store Kit to encourage user reviews or encourage users to make in-app purchases without leaving the app experience.  While this was previously only available through the App Store and iAd, we’re pleased to now offer the same seamless experience to our publishers.

Download the latest MoPub SDKs

Click on the image below to watch a demonstration of Store Kit:


Other UDID details and tips to stay compliant

  • If you’re using any native ad network SDKs, remember to get an updated version from the ad network that doesn’t access or make reference to UDID.

  • These changes will only impact users on iOS 5.X and below, users on iOS 6.X+ will continue using the Apple-approved Identifier For Advertising.

  • Your users on iOS 5.X or below that update their apps (that include the most recent MoPub SDK) will no longer have UDID.

  • All existing apps with UDID will continue to work as before until the user updates their app.

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