Understand true ads LTV: MoPub impression-level revenue data now available in SDK 5.7

May 21, 2019

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Back in March, we shared how MoPub’s impression-level revenue data will enable mobile app publishers to understand true ads lifetime value (LTV) of users, which allows UA teams to better optimize paid user acquisition. Today, we’re extremely excited to announce the offering of this mission-critical solution to our full-platform publishers. Publishers will then have the flexibility to either process the data themselves or send it to their partners such as Adjust, AppsFlyer, Branch, Kochava, Singular, SOOMLA, and Tenjin for deeper analysis and reporting. Our SDK-based solution (available starting with MoPub SDK 5.7) enables publishers and third-party analytics and attribution providers to more easily ingest the data through an existing integration, rather than having to create a new API.

Mobile app publishers working with MoPub can now turn this granular impression-level data into actionable insights and augment in-app purchase (IAP) revenue data to create the comprehensive picture of their total revenue needed to propel their business to the next level.

“Providing our clients with a holistic view of their ad revenue for better optimization is our primary goal. The MoPub solution provides an unprecedented level of granularity and clarity into the impression data which is critical to our clients in making an informed decision.”  
—Paul H. Müller, CTO, Adjust 

With impression-level revenue data, sophisticated publishers and their user acquisition managers are better positioned to make more informed UA decisions by attributing ads revenue back to the campaigns that acquired those users. For example, publishers can pass this granular data to their attribution partner of choice, who can determine that a specific campaign resulted in new users that drive positive ROI. Publishers can use the insights they derive from the impression-level revenue data to focus on increasing their spend on those channels in an attempt to acquire additional similar users.

“Attribution data is the source of crucial decisions, and having a clear understanding of the precision of the data is as important as having precise data itself. A false sense of data accuracy could lead to bad business decisions and suboptimal results. MoPub’s impression-level revenue data product enables marketers to have visibility into data precision with the goal of acquiring users more intelligently and profitably.”  
—Elad Mashiach, VP Partner Development, AppsFlyer

Furthermore, publishers leveraging both IAP and ads can use impression-level data to improve their user experience while also fueling their monetization strategy. For instance, publishers could use the data to identify users who are valued higher by advertisers, and could potentially generate higher earnings by more strategically offering ad opportunities. The publisher might also decide not to funnel these users into an IAP model unless the potential for revenue is higher.

“We are extremely excited about the level of granularity and precision the impression-level revenue data from MoPub provides. With a more accurate and precise view of the ad revenue across each user and campaigns, we are able to spend more effectively and efficiently across different marketing channels and double down on what works.”
—Scott Koenigsberg, SVP of Product, Zynga

We’re excited to enable publishers and their partners to understand the true value of their users in order to take user acquisition to the next level, and to evolve from just managing yields but to also improving user experience. We’ve worked closely with the below attribution and analytics vendors to ensure proper ingestion of MoPub data, so that our publisher clients can work with the provider of their choice with confidence.

Please reach out to support@mopub.com or your account management team for more information, or visit our product landing page.

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