MoPub transitions to shown impressions metric: Standardizing how ad impressions are counted

June 04, 2018

Tags: 2018, Publishers, DSPs

Calvin Yeung


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We’re making an important policy update to the way that we count all ad impressions.  On July 2, 2018, MoPub will be unifying the way we measure impressions for all ad formats to align with the Media Rating Council (MRC) guidelines for ad impression definition. With this change, MoPub will only count a non-interstitial ad impression when at least 1 pixel of an ad appears on the device screen.

This change is being implemented in order to create more consistency among supply sources for advertisers and publishers. We anticipate it will increase your ability to accurately evaluate available inventory, while also reducing potential measurement discrepancies.

This change will only affect ads that are rendered by MoPub. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to or your account team.


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